Space 1999

Series Summary


Series Premise

It is the year 1999, and humans have established a permanent settlement on the Moon. Moonbase Alpha is located in the crater Tycho. It is a closed structure almost 2.5 miles in diameter, with some sections descending up to a half mile below the lunar surface. However, unknown to Alpha's residents, a nuclear waste dump on the far side of the Moon has become unstable and explodes with such force that it propels the Moon and its unwitting occupants out of Earth orbit and on a trip across the Galaxy. The humans, led by Commander John Keonig, must deal with all manner of alien beings, as they desperately try to survive and find a way back home. Among Alpha's other occupants are Dr. Helena Russell, Professor Victor Bergman, Eagle Pilot Alan Carter, Main Mission Controller Paul Morrow, Data Coordinator Sandra Benes, and Computer Chief David Kano. In the show's second season, we learn that Dr. Bergman, Paul Morrow, and David Kano have died in accidents, and that Anthony Verdeschi has been appointed as Security Chief. An alien woman named Maya also joins the Moonbase's crew as Science Officer. Maya has the ability to transform her molecular makeup for short periods of time.

Space 1999 cast
Space 1999's season 1 cast

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The Main Cast

  • Commander John Koenig -- Martin Landau
  • Dr. Helena Russell -- Barbara Bain
  • Professor Victor Bergman -- Barry Morse
  • Alan Carter -- Nick Tate
  • Paul Morrow -- Prentis Hancock
  • Sandra Benes -- Zienia Merton
  • David Kano -- Clifton Jones
  • Anthony Verdeschi -- Tony Anholt
  • Maya -- Catherine Schell

The Episodes

Season One - 1975-1976

Matter of Life and Death
The Black Sun
Ring Around the Moon
Another Time, Another Place
Missing Link
The Guardian of Piri
Force of Life
Alpha Child
The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return
Collision Course
Death's Other Dominion
Full Circle
End of Eternity
War Games
The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain
The Infernal Machine
Mission of the Darians
Dragon's Domain
The Testament of Arkadia

Season Two - 1976-1977

The Metamorph
The Exiles
One Moment of Humanity
Journey to Where
All That Glisters
The Taybor
Mark of Archanon
Rules of Luton
New Adam, New Eve
Brian the Brain
A B Chrysalis
The Catacombs of the Moon
Seed of Destruction
Beta Cloud
A Matter of Balance
Space Warp
Bringers of Wonder (Part 1)
Bringers of Wonder (Part 2)
The Lambda Factor
Devil's Planet
Seance Spectre
Immunity Syndrome
The Dorcons
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