Space 1999

Season One - 1975-1976

Episode Highlights


On September 9, 1999, John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha to investigate the cause of death of nine crewmen of Earth's latest space probe, and Alpha's Dr. Helena Russell reports to him that the men died of brain damage that may have been caused by radiation poisoning. The source of the radiation soon becomes evident when two nuclear waste dumps on the far side of the Moon explode, propelling the Moon from Earth orbit and on a lonely journey into uncharted space.

Matter of Life and Death

When a reconnaissance flight to the planet Terra Nova returns to Moonbase Alpha with an extra passenger -- Dr. Helena Russell's long-lost husband -- Commander Koenig mounts an exploratory mission to Terra Nova, ignoring Lee Russell's warnings about the planet. Suddenly things begin to go wrong and most of the Alphans are killed; but Lee Russell claims he can give Dr. Russell the power to return things to the way they were before Terra Nova was found.

The Black Sun

The runaway Moon is drawn slowly toward its destruction in a black sun (black hole), and in an effort to save Moonbase Alpha, Professor Bergman designs a force field that draws its power from the collapsed star itself. In an Eagle craft sent out as a "survival" ship, three couples from Alpha watch as the Moon travels through the time-space warp caused by the black sun.

Ring Around the Moon

While a Moonbase Alpha engineer is repairing some equipment, an energy beam from an alien probe strikes his head, leaving an implant in his brain. As a result, the engineer becomes a remote robot controlled by the alien probe's computer; but when the engineer's brain "burns out" from the energy of the implant, the alien computer abducts Dr. Russell to place an implant in her brain, and the only way to save her is for Commander Koenig to confront the alien face-to-face.


An alien spacecraft enroute to Earth crash lands on the Moon and its six crewmembers are awaked from suspended animation by Moonbase Alpha personnel. In appreciation for helping them, the aliens offer to allow one Alphan to accompany them to Earth once their ship is repaired; but when Earth Commissioner uses trickery to get the ride back home, he experiences the surprise of his life.

Another Time, Another Place

The Moon passes through a rift in the fabric of space and is hurtled across time and space back to Earth at a point in time when the Moon is still in Earth orbit; and the Alphans soon realize that their Moon and the Moon of the time they have entered are on a collision course to destruction.

Missing Link

From the point of view of the Alphans, Commander Koenig is at the point of death after the crash of an Eagle craft; but Koenig really finds himself alive and well on the planet Zeno, where an anthropologist believes that Koenig is the missing link in the evolutionary ascent of the planet's inhabitants.

The Guardian of Piri

Moonbase Alpha's computer comes under the control of the Guardian of Piri, an incredibly beautiful woman who tells the Alphans that Piri is a paradise world; but as the Alphans abandon the Moonbase and Commander Koenig, who does not believe the Guardian, they soon find that the planet is not the paradise they thought it to be.

Force of Life

The body of a Moonbase Alpha technician is invaded by a life force that consumes raw energy from equipment and other people, leaving a trail of lifeless bodies behind. The Alphans set a trap for the entity by using the Alpha power station as the bait, but the plan soon turns against them as the entity become more and more powerful as it enters the station's reactor room.

Alpha Child

The first child born on Moonbase Alpha since it left Earth orbit begins to grow at a tremendous rate, reaching the age of five in just a new minutes; but when four alien ships appear over Alpha, the boy dies and is replaced by a full-grown alien man who is the leader of a group of 120 who are being pursued by authorities from their planet. The aliens' plan is to hide in the bodies of the Alphans after the humans have been killed.

The Last Sunset

As the Moon encounters an Earth-like planet, the planet's benevolent inhabitants send satellites to the Moon to adjust its gravity and atmosphere to Earth-normal; but when it becomes obvious that the Moon will not be able to achieve orbit around the planet and that the atmosphere will freeze and crush Moonbase Alpha under its weight, the aliens begin to draw off the atmosphere from the Moon. They don't know, however, that Dr. Russell and three other Alphans are on the lunar surface after having crashed in an Eagle.

Voyager's Return

Moonbase Alpha encounters Voyager One, a malfunctioning neutron-powered probe that had been launched from Earth in 1985, and its engines must be switched to chemical rockets before the neutron rockets' wake destroys Alpha; but Alpha soon comes under attack from three ships from a vengeful alien race that was all but destroyed by Voyager One's neutron rocket when it passed close to their planet.

Collision Course

Eagle pilot Alan Carter is almost killed in the explosion of an asteroid on a collision course with Moonbase Alpha. When Commander Koenig goes to rescue him, he discovers that Alpha is still on a collision course with a planet that was behind the asteroid; but Arra, a mysterious woman from the planet, tries to convince Koenig that the inhabitants of her planet and Alpha will survive and prosper as a result of the collision.

Death's Other Dominion

Moonbase Alpha receives a distress call from a planet with a surface temperature of -200 degrees and, upon landing, the crew of a rescue Eagle find the survivors of a 1986 Earth expedition to Uranus, one of whom is Dr. Cabot Rowland, a scientist who claims to have found the secret to immortality, but at what price?

Full Circle

A landing party to an alien planet fails to return, and when Moonbase Alpha commands the Eagle to return by remote control, they find body of a caveman. Later, when they send another Eagle to investigate, they discover that the original landing party has de-evolved into cavemen.

End of Eternity

An exploratory expedition from Moonbase Alpha finds a terribly mutilated alien named Balor on a passing planet and bring him back to Alpha, where his wounds are quickly healed and he reveals himself as a psychopath who takes pleasure in causing pain and destruction.

War Games

As the Moon passes a planet light years from Earth, Moonbase Alpha comes under attack from Hawk Warships of a type made on Earth and is virtually destroyed, with many casualties. Commander Koenig and Dr. Helena Russell fly to the Eagle to plea for help, but Dr. Russell is captured. When he returns in a laser-equipped Eagle with Alan Carter to attack the planet, Koenig is teleported back to Alpha, where, in a blind rage, he begins a self-destruct sequence to destroy not only Alpha, but also the attacking planet.

The Last Enemy

As the Moon passes between two warring planets that are always on opposite sides of their sun, the planets' inhabitants use the Moon as a base from which to mount attacks against their opponents. While Commander Koenig attempts to negotiate a truce between the two planets, their leaders conspire to get the upper hand in the conflict.

The Troubled Spirit

While attempting to communicate telepathically with plants, a botanist summons up a ghost which begins to prowl Moonbase Alpha seeking revenge for a horrible death which has not yet happened.

Space Brain

When alien hieroglyphics begin to appear on Moonbase Alpha's communications screen, Commander Koenig sends an Eagle into a mysterious approaching light source; but it is destroyed. A crewman of a second Eagle begins to act crazed, but is eventually able to communicate to the Alphans that the light source is a non-aggressive being that is trying to warn Alpha that it can't avoid a collision with the Moon. Koenig must then try to disarm a nuclear device he had sent into the brain before its true intentions were known and also stop the impending collision.

The Infernal Machine

A strange craft lands near Moonbase Alpha and its inhabitant, an old many who calls himself "Companion" tells the Alphans that "Gwent" needs supplies. But, when Commander Koenig, Dr. Russell, and Professor Bergman go aboard the craft, they soon learn that "Companion" is near death and that "Gwent" is the craft's computer, which wants someone to stay as "Companion's" replacement.

Mission of the Darians

Alpha answers a call from help from a 50-mile long space vessel known as Daria and find that the most of the Daria's inhabitants have degenerated to a state of primeval barbarism. The Darian "upper class" invite the Alphan to join them on they journey to a new home planet, but the Alphans soon discover that the Darians want the Alphans to supply one of their most primitive needs.

Dragon's Domain

Tony Cellini, a close friend of Commander Koenig, begins to have nightmares about an il-fated mission in 1996 that resulted in the gruesome death of most of the crew by a tentacled monster they encountered. When his story isn't believed by Koenig and Dr. Russell, Cellini steals an Eagle and flies off to face the monster once again.

The Testament of Arkadia

Suddenly and without warning, the Moon stops near a lifeless planet, and Commander Koenig sends a landing party to explore. They soon discover, not only ancient human remains, but inscriptions in a cave in the ancient Sanskrit language. Upon translating the inscriptions, they learn that this planet, called Arkadia, was the birthplace of the human race, which escaped a holocaust on the planet by colonizing Earth.
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