Space 1999

Season Two - 1976-1977

Episode Highlights

The Metamorph

Mentor, a scientist on the volcanic planet Psychon, begins to kidnap inhabitants from Moonbase Alpha in order to use their brains to power a biological computer he wants to use to transform the planet back into the paradise it once was; but Mentor's daughter, a metamorph named Maya, tries to stop her father's evil plans.

The Exiles

Hundreds of small capsules go into orbit around the Moon and when they recover one of the capsules, the Alphans find that it contains a young man who claims that he and his companions were exiled in the capsules by invaders to his home planet; but when Dr. Russell and Eagle pilot Tony Verdeschi are kidnapped and brought back to the planet, they learn that the individuals in the capsules are really psychotic killers.

One Moment of Humanity

Commander Koenig, Dr. Russell, Tony, and Maya are kidnapped by inhabitants of the planet Vega, who turn out to be super androids who want to learn about the emotion of anger and how to kill, by observing the humans, so that they can kill the humanoid inhabitants of the planet, who have learned how to hide their own emotions from the androids.

Journey to Where

Out of the void, a voice calls Moonbase Alpha from Texas City, Earth via newly neutronic communications technology that will also allow the Alphans to be teleported back to Earth. But as Koenig, Dr. Russell, and Alan Carter are about to make the first test transport, an earthquake causes them to end up in Scotland in 1339, where they are soon captured by fierce Scotsmen who are ready to burn them at the stake.

All That Glisters

Investigating a planet as a possible home for the Alphans, Commander Koenig and others encounter living rocks that communicate with each other and begin to attack the Alphans. The entities need water, which they realize they can get from the humans' bodies.

The Taybor

Taybor, an intergalactic traders arrives at Moonbase Alpha with incredible items for sale or trade, including a jump-drive that could propel an Eagle back to Earth; but the price that Taybor wants in return for his jump- drive is Maya, and he will stop at nothing to have her.

Mark of Archanon

Deep beneath the surface of the Moon, the bodies of a man and a boy are discovered in a state of suspended animation. When they are revived, they tell the Alphans that they were placed in the suspension chamber by their people, the Archanons, who had contracted the "Killing Disease." But when a ship from the planet Archanon arrives over Moonbase Alpha, it soon becomes evident that the man and boy are the ones with the disease.

Rules of Luton

While investigating a planet with lush vegetation, Maya picks a flower and immediately learns that harming any of the living vegetation on the planet is a crime requiring the death penalty. The ruling entities on the planet then sentence Maya and Koenig to a battle to the death against three aliens who have the power of great strength, invisibility, and self- teleportation.

New Adam, New Eve

Magus, an entity who claims to be the Creator, takes Koenig, Dr. Russell, Maya, and Tony to a planet he calls Eden Mark 2, which he wants them to repopulate as its new Adams and Eves. But at night, the Alphans hear the anguished cries of the mutated failures of Magus's failed attempts at trying to genetically perfect the human race.

Brian the Brain

A small craft originally from Earth lands near Moonbase Alpha with a single occupant, a robot that calls itself Brian, who tells them that the mother ship from Earth crashed on a nearby planet and that he was the only survivor. But what Brian really wants is the nuclear fuel from Moonbase Alpha so that it can prolong its own existence.

A B Chrysalis

As the Moon approaches a planet with a chlorine-based atmosphere, satellites orbiting the planet being exploding, threatening to destroy Moonbase Alpha; and when Koenig, Maya, and Alan Carter go to the planet to investigate, they find an underground complex where the planet's "Masters" are in a state of sleep. When two of the entities, known as A and B, awaken, they debate the issue of helping the Alphans but end up in a tie. Entity C is then awakened to break the tie, but votes against helping the Alphans, leaving them to their own devices to save the Moonbase.

The Catacombs of the Moon

While searching for vital minerals deep beneath the Moon's surface, chief miner Pat Osgood is hurt in an explosion and, while unconscious, has a vision of the fiery destruction of Moonbase Alpha. When a flaming plasma cloud appears over the Moon, Osgood takes his wife from Medical Center, where she is being treated for a heart condition, to the underground caverns where he believes they will be safe; but his actions may cause the destruction of Alpha.

Seed of Destruction

When Commander Koenig goes to investigate a jewel-like asteroid that is drawing all of the power from Moonbase Alpha, he finds a chamber of mirrors and is soon exchanged with an imposter. Back on at Alpha, the imposter tells them that they must fire a laser beam and destroy the asteroid; but Maya and Tony uncover's the imposter true identity and learn that a laser blast will not destroy, but decompress what is an entire world that has a great destructive power.

Beta Cloud

A strange cloud incapacitates most of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, and Tony sends an Eagle to investigate; but the Eagle returns to Alpha with a single alien creature that wants to remove Alpha's life-support equipment. Only when Maya discovers that the creature is really a robot, does the solution to their problem become obvious.

A Matter of Balance

The inhabitants of the planet Sunim are moving backwards in anti-matter time toward their destruction, and they trick an Alphan botanist to help them use a portable nuclear generator to bring them back into normal space and time; but they do not reveal to her that for every Sunimian brought back, an Alphan must be sent into the anti-matter universe.

Space Warp

While Commander Koenig and Tony Verdeschi are investigating a derelict spacecraft, the Moon passes through a warp in space and is hurled 5 light years away, and their only hope of returning is to find and pass through the same space warp. Meanwhile back on Moonbase Alpha, Maya has contracted an illness that is causing her to metamorph into different creatures, including some that are powerful and destructive.

Bringers of Wonder (Part 1)

After crashing in an Eagle, Commander Koenig appears to have gone made and is placed under medical observation, while hooked up to a Brain Impulse Machine. Meanwhile, a Superwsift craft from Earth arrives at Moonbase Alpha, carrying friends and relatives of some of the Alphans. Hearing the news, Koenig rushes to Commander Center, where he doesn't see humans, but hideous creatures. Believing he is delirious, Dr. Russell sedates him and soon thereafter, one of the creatures enters Koenig's room intent on killing him.

Bringers of Wonder (Part 2)

Dr. Russell's appearance thwarts the creature's attempt to kill Koenig; but the other creatures trick Alan Cater into taking them to the Moon's remaining Nuclear Waste Domes, where they can get access to the nuclear fuel. Meanwhile, Koenig convinces Maya to try on the Brain Impulse Machine, which causes her to see the creatures as they really are, and together they set out to stop the aliens.


A Croton craft lands on the Moon carrying several of the planet's leaders and Dorzak, who they claim is a heinous criminal being sent into exile; but Maya refuses to believe that Dorzak, who is also from her home planet, is the evil person he is made out to be. Only after Maya learns that the Croton crew has brain implants that block out Dorzak's telepathic projections does she come to believe the Crotons; but by then, it is almost to late to stop Dorzak.

The Lambda Factor

When a medical technician is killed in a violent and bizarre manner shortly after a strange cloud appears over Moonbase Alpha, Tony Verdeschi investigates the possible connection of another technician in the death. But when Commander Koenig begins to have hallucinations about a failed mission he was on years before, Tony and Maya discover that the technician suspected of the murder is using telepathic powers given to her by the cloud to kill her enemies.

Devil's Planet

In answer to a distress call, Koenig and another Alphan officer go to a nearby planet, where they find hundreds of bodies. Trying to make a hasty escape, their Eagle crashes on the planet's moon, where the Alphan crewman is killed and Koenig is made the subject of a "hunt" by the moon's evil ruler.

Seance Spectre

Although the Moon is on a collision course with a planet that is hidden by heavy clouds, a fanatical member of the Alpha crew instigates action be a group of Alphans who want to leave the Moon and colonize the planet. Koenig takes and Eagle to the planet, where he learns that the planet is really an inhabitable wasteland and set a plan in motion to explode the remaining nuclear waste on the Moon to shift the Moon's course away from the planet. But the fanatical Alphans are intent on stopping him from saving Alpha and all of its inhabitants.

Immunity Syndrome

While investigating an Earth-like planet, an Eagle crashes seriously injuring Tony Verdeshi and killing his copilot, and when Koenig and Alan Carter take another Eagle to rescue Tony, the metal in their craft begins to disintegrate and they also crash. Meanwhile, back on Alpha, Maya discovers that elements in the planet's atmosphere is causing all metals to disintegrate; and she and Dr. Russell mount a rescue attempt using a space glider made only of plastics.

The Dorcons

When a beam of light flashes from an alien probe, Maya falls to the ground screaming in agony. Then, a Dorcon battleship arrives, intent on capturing Maya because they need the brain stem of someone from her home planet's telepathic race to give immortality to their own leader. Koenig mounts a rescue and is helped by one of the Dorcons, but his true intent is to kill his leader and take the throne and the immortality that Maya's brain stem would give for himself.
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