Background and Setting



This BBC television series made between 1963 and 1989 was the longest running Fantasy/Science Fiction TV show in history. The format consisted of a number of 25 minute episodes telling a self-contained story over usually four or six episodes. Each episode would contain a short recap of the previous episode and would be concluded on a cliffhanger. For most of its run, Dr Who episodes would be shown at around 5:30pm on Saturday afternoons, although this did change in the last few seasons. No new episodes have been produced for several years, with exception of a short piece of the BBC's Children in Need Telethon. However, a new TV movie was shown recently in the US and the UK.



The series revolves around the travels of a renegade `Time Lord', known simply as the Doctor, who travels around all of space and time in a time travel machine known as the TARDIS, which looks for most of the time like an old Police box:

The Doctor has an unusual physiology which includes two hearts and the ability to `regenerate' into a new physical appearance when the existing body becomes old or damaged. For most of his adventures, he is accompanied by at least one companion, often more. Although many of the companions have been humans from Earth, there have been others who were either robots or aliens.

Thus far, seven different actors have played the Doctor on TV, and Paul McGann in the new TV movie.
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