A New Series of Dr Who?

It'd be nice, but not quite yet.


A new made-for-TV movie has been made as a co-production between the BBC and Fox Television. The new TV movie stars Paul McGann as the Doctor and Eric Roberts as the Master, and has recently finished filming. The budget was rumored to be around US$5 million.

It was shown first in the US on the Fox network on May 14th, released on video in the UK by BBC Video on May 22nd and broadcast by the BBC on the second May Bank Holiday, May 27th.

The following video-release notice was released by the BBC:

Doctor Who - Feature Length Film (12, 14.99, BBC)
The NEW Doctor Who, Paul McGann, in his first 90-minute adventure!
"In San Francisco, a time-traveler is on the verge of death and Doctor Grace Holloway must try to save Doctor Who's life from being exchanged for the other's on the stroke of midnight 1999 - the start of the new Millennium"

Note: The UK video release was first scheduled for the 15th May. This was postponed because the British Board of Film Classification would only grant the uncut version a 15 certificate and BBC Video were concerned that their market would only accept a 12 certificate, so released a cut version on video (and showed the cut version on British TV).


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