Battlestar Galactica

Series Summary


Series Premise

After a thousand years of war against the twelve tribes of humans, the Cylons, a machine race, propose peace. However, they use the event of the signing of the peace treaty as an opportunity to attack the humans' twelve battlestars and twelve home planets, almost totally destroying the human race. One battlestar, Galactica, survives, however, and leads a rag-tag fleet of ships carrying the survivors of the Cylon attacks. Commander Adama, Galactica's captain, leads the humans in search of a legendary 13th lost colony of humans living on a planet called Earth. As they flee the Cylons, the human fleet are defended by Colonel Tigh, Captain Apollo, Lt. Starbuck, Sargeant Boomer, and Lt. Athena. Also aboard the battlestar are Apollo's adopted son "Boxey" and Cassiopea, a former sociolator who becomes a trained medical technician. Among the Cylon's leaders is Baltar, a human who betrayed the humans to the Cylons for his own personal gain.

Galactica cast
Battlestar Galatica's cast

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The show's second season [now titled Galactica 1980] takes place many years later, as the Galactica nears Earth. Commander Adama and Dr. Zee, a 13-year old genius who had aided the humans in the quest for Earth, find that Earth is not technologically advanced enough to help them defeat the still pursuing Cylons. Therefore, they set about covertly introducing technological advances to help Earth to develop to a point where it can help fight the Cylons. Among the few survivors of the long flight from the Cylons are Boomer, now a Colonel, and "Boxey," now known as Troy. His life-long friend Dillon is a member of Troy's fighter squadron. When Troy and Dillon travel to Earth to establish contact, they first meet and are eventually helped by a news reporter named Jamie Hamilton.

The Main Cast

Commander Adama -- Lorne Greene
Captain Apollo -- Richard Hatch
Lt. Starbuck -- Dirk Benedict
Colonel Tigh -- Terry Carter
Sargeant (later-Colonel) Boomer -- Herb Jefferson
Lt. Athena -- Maren Jenson
Cassiopea -- Laurette Spang
Sheba -- Anne Lockhart
"Boxey" -- Noah Hathaway
Baltar -- John Colicos
Troy (older "Boxey") -- Kent McCord
Dillon -- Barry Van Dyke
Jamie Hamilton -- Robyn Douglass
Dr. Zee -- Robbie Rist/Patrick Stuart

The Episodes

Season One

Saga of A Star World (3-Hour Premiere)          09/17/78
Lost Planet of the Gods (Part 1)                09/24/78
Lost Planet of the Gods (Part 2)                10/01/78
The Lost Warrior                                10/08/78
The Long Patrol                                 10/15/78
Gun On Ice Planet Zero (Part 1)                 10/22/78
Gun On Ice Planet Zero (Part 2)                 10/29/78
The Magnificent Warriors                        11/12/78
The Young Lords                                 11/19/78
The Living Legend (Part 1)                      11/26/78
The Living Legend (Part 2)                      12/03/78
Fire In Space                                   12/17/78
War Of The Gods (Part 1)                        01/14/79
War Of The Gods (Part 2)                        01/21/79
The Man With Nine Lives                         01/28/79
Murder On The Rising Star                       02/18/79
Greetings From Earth (2-Hour Special)           02/25/79
Baltar's Escape                                 03/11/79
Experiment In Terra                             03/18/79
Take The Celestria                              04/01/79
The Hand of God                                 04/29/79

Season Two (Galactica: 1980)

Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 1)              01/27/80
Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 2)              02/03/80
Galactica Discovers Earth (Part 3)              02/10/80
The Super Scouts (Part 1)                       03/16/80
The Super Scouts (Part 2)                       03/23/80
Spaceball                                       03/30/80
The Night The Cylons Landed                     04/13/80
So This Is New York                             04/20/80
Harvest Home                                    04/27/80
The Return of Starbuck                          05/04/80
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