Battlestar Galactica

Season One

Episode Highlights

Saga of A Star World (3-Hour Premiere)


When the Cylons trick the human fleet and destroys all its ships except the Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama gathers up the remaining humans on the 12 colony worlds and leads them in search of the legendary 13th colony -- Earth. When the fleet stops at the planet Carillon to refuel, another Cylon ambush awaits them.

Lost Planet of the Gods (Parts 1 and 2)

09/24/78 and 10/01/78

While Commander Adama leads the rag-tag fleet of ships to the planet Kobol, where he hopes to find clues of Earth's location, the Viper pilots contract a disease, making it necessary for the women to take on fighter patrol duties. But the traitor Baltar leads the Cylons in an attack on the Galactica.

The Lost Warrior


Apollo is marooned on a Western Frontier-like planet, where he meets a woman and her son ... and a damaged Cylon, known as Red Eye, who has become a notorious gun-slinger.

The Long Patrol


Starbuck is assigned to test a new ultra-fast, but unarmed, Viper with a talking computer named CORA; but when he meets a bootlegger, who steals the Viper, Starbuck finds himself arrested by the Galactic Police of a prison planet.

Gun On Ice Planet Zero (Parts 1 and 2)

10/22/78 and 10/29/78

Baltar attempts to lure the Galactica into range of a gigantic pulsar cannon, which Adama becomes aware of; and Apollo and Starbuck lead a group of convicts on a possible suicide mission to destroy the cannon, which is located on an icy planet.

The Magnificent Warriors


When a Cylon attack destroys most of the fleet's food supply, the Galactica must trade equipment for grain on a rural planet plagued by the Borays, a group of pig-like marauders.

The Young Lords


Starbuck crashes on the planet Trillion, where the Cylons have destroyed all the humans except for a band of children, who have become warriors to save their enslaved father.

The Living Legend (Parts 1 and 2)

11/26/78 and 12/03/78

While on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck, encounter the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, commanded by the living legend, Commander Cain. The brash Commander insists that the Galactica join in on a frontal attack on the Cylons -- an attack that Adama believes would be a suicide mission.

Fire In Space


A Cylon kamikazee attack leaves the Galactica burning in space, with no way to extinguish the blaze that has trapped Boomer, Athena, and Boxey except a dangerous spacewalk by Apollo and Starbuck.

War Of The Gods (Parts 1 and 2)

01/14/79 and 01/21/79

When the fleet is plagued by glowing lights that constantly fly past them too fast to be followed, Apollo, Starbuck, and Sheba find the remains of a shipwreck, with a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful being named Count Iblis, who helps them capture Baltad.

The Man With Nine Lives


An old con man known as Chameleon (Fred Astaire) meets Starbuck and convinces him that he may be Starbuck's father, to gain Starbuck's help in evading a trio of bloodthirsty Borellians who are after him in revenge for another con.

Murder On The Rising Star


When Starbuck's rival in the popular sporting event is found murders, all the evidence points to Starbuck; and Apollo is about the only person who believes in Starbuck's innocence.

Greetings From Earth (2-Hour Special)


When Apollo and Starbuck find a primitive sleeper ship carrying a man, a woman, and four children, the inhabitants reveal that they are from Terra, an Earth-like planet at war with the evil Eastern Alliance.

Baltar's Escape


When Baltar plans his escape with the help of the three Borellians and the Eastern Alliance Enforcers, members of the Council of Twelve are taken hostage, and Adama must give in to the escapees demands.

Experiment In Terra


Apollo and Starbuck follow the escaped Eastern Alliance ship back to Terra, where they help the Terrans overcome a nuclear holocaust, with the help of the race of white lights that had earlier helped them defeat Count Iblis.

Take The Celestria


Starbuck runs in to his long-lost love, Aurora, who is involved with a group trying to free the passenger ship Celestria from its supposedly dictatorial captain.

The Hand of God


While Apollo and Starbuck sneak aboard a Cylon Base Star to sabotage it, scanner back on the Galactica pick up transmissions from Earth's Apollo 11 moon landing mission, meaning that Earth can't be far away.
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