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Series Premise

    It is the mid-23rd century. Earth has survived the Eugenics Wars of the 21st century and has made contact with other intelligent beings, the first being the Vulcans. Humans and Vulcans were instrumental in the formation of the United Federation of Planets, a federation of over 100 planets in the nearby section of the Galaxy. The exploratory/defensive arm of the Federation is Starfleet, which maintains a fleet of starships that are capable of interstellar travel at warp speeds (faster than light).

    Although most social problems, including poverty, crime, and many diseases, have been conquered, less developed member planets of the Federation still experience occasional internal political strife. Also, there are many small human colonies on distant planets that continue to struggle to survive and prosper. Of more concern, however, is the threat posed by several aggressive races that are not members of the Federation. These include the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire. Skirmishes between Starfleet vessels and ships of the Klingon and Romulan fleets sometimes occur. To help keep the peace, Neutral Zones have been established between Federation space and the territory claimed by the Klingons and Romulans.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Her five-year mission, to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.

    That statement outlines the mission of the starship Enterprise, which carries about 430 Starfleet officers and crew. Because of the great distances involved and the fact that the Enterprise's mission is to explore the frontiers of Federation space, her captain exercises a high degree of autonomy and control over the actions of the ship and her crew. Although exploration and peaceful contact with other intelligent species is their primary goal, the Enterprise and her crew also answer the call to arms whenever the Federation or members planets are threatened.

TOS Cast
The Original Series cast

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The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701


TOS Poster
xCaptain Kirk vs the Kingons



The Main Cast

  • Captain James T. Kirk -- William Shatner
  • First Officer Spock -- Leonard Nimoy
  • Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- DeForrest Kelly
  • Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott -- James Doohan
  • Communications Officer Uhura -- Nichelle Nichols
  • Helmsman Hikaru Sulu -- George Takei
  • Navigator Pavel Chekov -- Walter Koenig
  • Nurse Christine Chapel -- Majel Barrett
  • Yeoman Janice Rand -- Grace Lee Whitney


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The Episodes

Series Pilots

The Cage (First Pilot)                          1965 (Not Aired)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (Second Pilot)     1965 (09/22/66)

Season One

The Man Trap                                    09/08/66
Charlie X                                       09/15/66
Where No Man Has Gone Before (Second Pilot)     09/22/66
The Naked Time                                  09/29/66
The Enemy Within                                10/06/66
Mudd's Women                                    10/13/66
What Are Little Girls Made Of?                  10/20/66
Miri                                            10/27/66
Dagger of the Mind                              11/03/66
The Corbomite Maneuver                          11/10/66
The Menagerie (Part 1)                          11/17/66
The Menagerie (Part 2)                          11/24/66
The Conscience of the King                      12/08/66
Balance of Terror                               12/15/66
Shore Leave                                     12/28/66
The Galileo Seven                               01/05/67
The Squire of Gothos                            01/12/67
Arena                                           01/19/67
Tomorrow Is Yesterday                           01/26/67
Court-Martial                                   02/02/67
The Return of the Archons                       02/09/67
Space Seed                                      02/16/67
A Taste of Armageddon                           02/23/67
This Side of Paradise                           03/02/67
The Devil in the Dark                           03/09/67
Errand of Mercy                                 03/23/67
The Alternative Factor                          03/30/67
The City on the Edge of Forever                 04/06/67
Operation: Annihilate                           04/13/67

Season Two

Amok Time                                       09/15/67
Who Mourns for Adonis                           09/22/67
The Changeling                                  09/29/67
Mirror, Mirror                                  10/06/67
The Apple                                       10/13/67
The Doomsday Machine                            10/20/67
Catspaw                                         10/27/67
I, Mudd                                         11/03/67
Metamorphosis                                   11/10/67
Journey to Babel                                11/17/67
Friday's Child                                  12/01/67
The Deadly Years                                12/08/67
Obsession                                       12/15/67
Wolf in the Fold                                12/22/67
The Trouble with Tribbles                       12/29/67
The Gamesters of Triskelion                     01/05/68
A Piece of the Action                           01/12/68
The Immunity Syndrome                           01/19/68
A Private Little War                            02/02/68
Return to Tomorrow                              02/09/68
Patterns of Force                               02/16/68
By Any Other Name                               02/23/68
The Omega Glory                                 03/01/68
The Ultimate Computer                           03/08/68
Bread and Circuses                              03/15/68
Assignment: Earth                               03/29/68

Season Three

Spock's Brain                                   09/20/68
The Enterprise Incident                         09/27/68
The Paradise Syndrome                           10/04/68
And the Children Shall Lead                     10/11/68
Is There in Truth No Beauty?                    10/18/68
Spectre of the Gun                              10/25/68
Day of the Dove                                 11/01/68
For the World Is Hollow ...                     11/08/68
The Tholian Web                                 11/15/68
Plato's Stepchildren                            11/22/68
Wink of an Eye                                  11/29/68
The Empath                                      12/06/68
Elaan of Troyius                                12/20/68
Whom Gods Destroy                               01/03/69
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield               01/10/69
The Mark of Gideon                              01/17/69
That Which Survives                             01/24/69
The Lights of Zetar                             01/31/69
Requiem for Methuselah                          02/14/69
The Way to Eden                                 02/21/69
The Cloudminders                                02/28/69
The Savage Curtain                              03/07/69
All Our Yesterdays                              03/14/69
Turnabout Intruder                              06/03/69

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