Star Trek VOY

Season Two


Episode Highlights

The 37s

08/28/95 -- Stardate: 48975.1

Investigating an ancient SOS, Voyager finds eight humans in cryogenic sleep, among them Amelia Earhart; and Captain Janeway soon finds herself having to make a difficult decision that will affect the entire crew.


09/04/95 -- Stardate: 49005.3

When Chakotay twarts the attempts of a young Kazon boy to earn his warrior name by killing Chakotay in battle, he finds himself helping the youth escape the wrath of his Kazon captain.


09/11/95 -- Stardate: 48892.1

The Doctor finds himself trapped in the holodeck under conditions in which he is the only living being aboard Voyager, with the rest of the crew merely holodeck images.


09/18/95 -- Stardate: 48921.3

An unusual energy causes Kes to reach the time of fertility before she is of age, and she must decide whether to have a child now or forever forego the possibility.

Non Sequitur

09/25/95 -- Stardate: 49011

Harry Kim awakens to find himself in an alternate reality where he is stationed at Starfleet Headquarters and had never been a member of the Voyager crew.


10/02/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

A spatial anomaly contracts around Voyager, distorting its internal deck layout and trapping the crew in the holodeck, where they await certain death.


10/09/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

Tom Paris and Neelix crash on a planet and come across a baby reptilian humanoid, for which they care; but mother isn't happy about the strangers' interest in her child.

Persistence of Vision

10/30/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

An encounter with an unknown alien race leaves Captain Janeway and the rest of the Voyager crew in a catatonic state after they experienced realistic illusions drawn from their minds.


11/06/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

During an away mission, Chakotay encounters a civilization that has links to a mythical South American tribe he and his father met when Chakotay was a youth.

Cold Fire

11/13/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

Voyager finds a space station identical to the one that belonged to the Caretaker, and only kes's telekinethic powers allow the crew to survive an encounter with the Caretaker's companion.


11/20/95 -- Stardate: 49208.5

The Cardassian traitor, Seska, masterminds a plot to help the Kazon capture Voyager; but Chakotay goes after her on a personal quest to stop her.


11/27/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

When Morka soldiers attack a Voyager away team, Tuvok and B'Elanna are captured and tortured, while an old man who thinks Captain Janeway is his long-lost daughter helps her to free her crewmates.


01/15/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

When B'Elanna reactivates an alien robot found floating in space by Voyager, she is kidnapped and forced to build a prototype that the robots can use to make more of their kind.


01/22/96 -- Stardate: 49337.4

Trying to strengthen their position in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway makes an alliance with a race called the Trabe, but the Trabe's goals are not the same peaceful ones as Voyager's.


01/29/96 -- Stardate: 49373.4

After completing a seemingly successful test flight at transwarp (warp 10) speeds, Lt. Paris begins to change into an alien creature, in the process abducting Captain Janeway into transwarp.


02/05/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

Something goes wrong when Tuvok mind melds with a murderer aboard Voyager, and Tuvok begins to show stronger and stronger tendencies towards violence.


02/12/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

Voyager encounters a runaway Cardassian smart missile that had been programmed by B'Elanna when she was part of the Maquis; but B'Elanna can't override her own well-written security lockouts.

Death Wish

02/19/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

Another member of the Q Continuum comes to Voyager seeking asylum from eternal imprisonment and the opportunity to commit suicide; but Q soon shows up to reclaim the rebel and take him back to the Continuum.


02/26/96 -- Stardate: 49504.3

When Doc begins treating a Vidiian woman who is found near death by Voyager, his program begins a transformation that allows him to develop feelings of love towards her.


03/11/96 -- Stardate: 49485.2

After Lt. Paris requests a transfer off Voyager, Neelix comes across anomalies in the ship's communications logs, which lead him to an investigation that points to Paris as a spy for the Kazon.


03/18/96 -- Stardate: 49548.7

A spatial anomaly causes Voyager and her crew to be duplicated, but there is only enough energy for one ship to survive, and the two Captain Janeways must choose which one it will be.


04/08/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

When Tuvok's shuttle crashes on a deserted moon, he finds three Drayan children, survivors of another crash; but the children begin to disappear, and the truth about their species soon becomes apparent.

The Thaw

04/29/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

When B'Elanna and Kim enter statis sleep to try to awaken three survivors of a planetary catastrophe, they enter a virtual reality where they are held hostage by a malevolent clown who is the manifestation of the survivor's fears.


05/06/96 -- Stardate: 49655.2

When they transport back to Voyager from an away mission, Tuvok and Neelix are merged into a single entity containing physical and personality traits from both.


05/13/96 -- Stardate: 49690.1

Afflicted with a disease for which a cure can not be found, Janeway and Chakotay choose to stay on a planet where they can live out their lives, sending Voyager on its way without them.

Basics (Part 1)

05/20/96 -- Stardate: Unknown

Falling into an intricate trap set out by Seska and Culluh, Voyager is captured by the Kazon and her crew marooned on a primitive planet, where they must survive on their own.

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