Star Trek VOY

Season Three


Episode Highlights

Basics (Part 2)

09/04/96 -- Stardate: 50032.7

While the Voyager crew struggles to survive on the primitive planet on which they were stranded, Doc and Sudor set about to sabotage the ship and recapture it from the Kazon.


09/11/96 -- Stardate: 50126.4

When Captain Janeway agrees to mind meld with Tuvok to help him overcome hallucinations that are threatening his life, she finds herself on the USS Excelsior, under command of Captain Hikaru Sulu.

The Chute

09/18/96 -- Stardate: 50156.2

Paris and Kim are thrown into an isolated prison full of violent inmates for a terrorist bombing they didn't commit, and they soon find themselves caught up in the violence and attacking each other.

The Swarm

09/25/96 -- Stardate: 50252.3

While Captain Janeway and bridge crew try to find a way through the territorial space of a deadly alien race, Kes and B'Elanna search for the reason for Doc's failing memory.

False Profits

10/02/96 -- Stardate: 50074.5

When Voyager detects evidence of replicator technology on a pre-industrial planet, Chakotay and Paris beam down to find that two Ferengi stranded in the Delta Quadrant 7 years earlier are exploiting the planet's peasant population.


10/09/96 -- Stardate: 50203.1

B'Elanna begins to have sensual dreams about a young woman and her lover that are so vivid, they begin to affect her physically; and when the source of the dreams is found, the dark secret of an alien race encountered by Voyager is revealed.

Sacred Ground

10/30/96 -- Stardate: 50063.2

To save Kes's life, Captain Janeway must subject herself to the cleansing ritual of a secret society of monks on an alien planet.

Future's End (Part 1)

11/06/96 -- Stardate: 50312.5

A ship from the 29th Century causes Voyager to fall through a time rift that takes the crew to Earth in 1996, where they must try to find the cause of an explosion that will destroy the Solar System in the 29th Century.

Future's End (Part 2)

11/13/96 -- Stardate: 50312.5

As the Voyager crew races against time to stop a power-hungry business tycoon from destroying the Solar System by flying a stolen time ship into a temporal rift, Captain Janeway has to launch a rescue mission for crew members stranded on 20th Century Earth.

The Warlord

11/20/96 -- Stardate: 50348.1

An exiled warlord from an alien planet transfers his consciousness from his dying body into Kes's, turning the mild-manner Voyager crewmember into a ruthless killer intent on regaining past glories.

The Q and the Grey

11/27/96 -- Stardate: 50384.2

The roguish Q makes another appearance on Voyager, this time intent on having Captain Janeway become the mother of his child, all to try stop a civil war raging in the Q Continuum.


12/11/96 -- Stardate: 50425.1

A macrovirus, a gelatinous lifeform, attacks Voyager and, while Doc goes on an away mission to find the source and cure for the infection, Captain Janeway must travel through the ship's darkened passageways to try to save the crew.

Fair Trade

01/08/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

As Voyager approaches an area of space about which Neelix knows little, he finds himself caught up in a web of lies and illegal smuggling in an attempt to obtain a map of this region of space.

Alter Ego

01/15/97 -- Stardate: 50460.3

When Tuvok tries to help Ensign Kim get over his love for a holodeck woman named Marena, she develops a "fatal attraction" for Tuvok and threatens to destroy Voyager if he doesn't remain with her in the holodeck.


01/29/97 -- Stardate: 50518.4

Near death from injuries suffered in the crash of a shuttlecraft, Captain Janeway has an out-of-body experience involving her long-dead father.

Blood Fever

02/05/97 -- Stardate: 50537.2

When Vulcan crewman V'oric begins to experience the pon'far, B'Elanna unexpectedly begins to have similar mating instincts, but towards Tom Paris.


02/12/97 -- Stardate: 50614.2

A group of renegade Borg link Chakotay to their collective in an attempt to cure him of wounds suffered on their planet.


02/19/97 -- Stardate: 50693.2

When Doc decides to add personality traits to his programming from such historical figures as Ghandi, Lord Byron, and Vulcan's T'Pau, something goes wrong, turning Doc into a sadistic killer.


02/26/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

While trying to help a planet being bombarded by asteroids, Tucok and Neelix find themselves stranded on the planet, with the only chance of escape being an elevator into space.

Favorite Son

03/19/97 -- Stardate: 50732.4

Ensign Harry Kim experiences sensations of deja vu, and later finds out that he might be the offspring of inhabitants of a planet deep in the Delta Quadrant.

Before and After

04/09/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

Doc's attempt, in the future, to stop Kes's natural aging process triggers an unexpected side effect that makes her flashback in time to a time when the Voyager suffers heavy casualities in an attack by an unknown alien race.

Real Life

04/16/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

Doc programs himself a holographic family and finds himself in a situation he's not prepared to handle; meanwhile, Paris takes a shuttle into the heart of an unusual space/subspace vortex.

Distant Origin

04/23/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

Voyager is boarded and Chakotay is captured by an alien reptilian race that has an unexpected link to Earth and the human race.


05/07/97 -- Stardate: 50912.4

When the members of Voyager's crew begin disappearing, being replaced by members of an unknown alien species, Chakotay finds himself the only one on board and in a position to prevent the ship from being captured.

Worst Case Scenario

05/14/97 -- Date: 50953.4

When an old holodeck program that Tuvok had abandoned is found by B'Elanna and activated, it triggers a secret subroutine planted by Seska before fled Voyager to seek revenge against Tuvok for betraying her and the rest of the Maquis members of the crew.

Scorpion (Part 1)

05/23/97 -- Date: 50984.3

When Voyager finds itself confronted with a powerful alien species capable of defeating even the Borg, Captain Janeway decides to try to form an alliance with the Borg to combat this new and terrible adversary.

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