Star Trek VOY

Season One


Episode Highlights

Caretaker (2-Hour Premiere)

01/16/95 -- Stardate: 48315.6

Searching for a Maquis ship in the Badlands near Cardassian space, the starship USS Voyager is mysteriously transported 70,000 light years from their original position and into an uncharted quadrant of the galaxy. After encountering an alien space array and being subjected to detailed medical probes, the crews of the Voyages and Maquis ship must join forces to help save the Ocampa race and begin the long voyage home.


01/23/95 -- Stardate: 48439.7

Trying to rescue an unidentified ship from being pulled into a quantuum singularity, the Voyager also becomes trapped and, as Captain Janeway deals with conflict between the Starfleet and Maquis members of the crew, they discover that the trapped ship is really a time-distorted reflection of the Voyager itself.

Time and Again

01/30/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

While investigating the cause of a planet's total annihilation, Captain Janeway and Lt. Paris encounter a subspace fracture that draws them back in time to one day before the accident that caused the planet's destruction; and Kes's growing telepathic abilities hold to key to bringing back and stopping the catastrophe.


02/06/95 -- Stardate: 48532.4

While exploring caverns on a rouge planetoid in search of dilithium, aliens from a civilization ravaged by a biologically degenerative plague removes Neelix's lungs for transplant into one of their own, and the Voyager crew races against time to save Neelix's life.

The Cloud

02/13/95 -- Stardate: 48546.2

Voyager enters a nebula to gather omicron particles to supplement the ship's dwindling energy supply; but after they force their way back out of the nebula's energy barrier, they discover that the nebula is really a living creature, which they unknowingly harmed.

Eye of the Needle

02/20/95 -- Stardate: 48579.4

The Voyager finds a micro-wormhole, through which they try to transmit a message back to Federation space; and after being successful in contacting a Romulan science vessel in the Alpha Quadrant, they begin attempts to transport the Voyager crew through the wormhole to that ship.

Ex Post Facto

02/27/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

Lt. Paris is convicted for the murder of a leading scientist on one of two warring planets and, through a memory implant, sentenced to repeatedly relive the murder from the point of the view of the victim. Meanwhile, as Tuvok conducts his own investigation of the crime, he discovers evidence of interplanetary espionage at play.


03/13/95 -- Stardate: Unknown

The Voyager finds an alien burial ground while exploring a planet's ring system, and when a subspace distortion transports Ensign Kim into the casket of a body being prepared for burial, he has a profound effect on the culture's beliefs in the afterlife.

Prime Factors

03/20/95 -- Stardate: 48642.5

While on shore leave on a paradise planet, Voyager crew members discover a technology that could transport the ship at least half way back to Federation space; but when the planet's leaders refuse to give the Starfleet officers access to this technology, some crew members plot to get it any way they can.

State of Flux

04/03/95 -- Stardate: 48658.2

When the voyager responds to a distress call from a Kazon ship, they find that an explosion was caused on the vessel by a piece of Federation technology; and further investigation proves that this technology could only have come from a member of the Voyager's crew.

Heroes and Demons

04/24/95 -- Stardate: 48693.2

When Ensign Kim, then Chakotay and Tuvok, disappear from the holodeck during a Beouwolf program, the holographic doctor is sent on an away mission to investigate their disappearances; there he finds that Grendel, the monster in Beouwolf, holds the key to recovering the Voyager crewmen.


05/01/95 -- Stardate: 48734.2

A damaged shuttle returns to Voyager with Tuvok suffering a concussion and Chakotay brain dead; and as the crew investigates what happened to them, strange entities possess some of the crew members, forcing them to take actions that endanger the ship.


05/08/95 -- Stardate: 48784.2

The phage aliens capture B'Elanna, Paris, and a third crewman named Durst and take them to a planet where one of their scientists separates B'Elanna's Klingon and human genes in an attempt to find a cure for the phage.


05/15/95 -- Stardate: 48832.1

The scientist who invented a weapon of mass destruction that killed Neelix's family and over 300,000 other Talaxians comes aboard Voyager looking for a way to redeem himself for the destruction that his invention caused.

Learning Curve

05/22/95 -- Stardate: 48846.5

While Lt. Tuvok tries to train four rebellious Maquis crew members in Starfleet protocol, B'Elanna and the holographic doctor investigate the failure of Voyager's bio-neural energy systems, which have been contaminated by bacteria in cheese brought aboard the ship by Neelix.

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