Star Trek VOY

Season Four


Episode Highlights

Scorpion (Part 2)

09/03/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

As Voyager and the Borg begin to work together to defeat a powerful and previously unknown alien race, Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay find themselves at odds about whether to trust the Borg and their spokesperson, "Seven of Nine."

The Gift

09/10/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

While Seven of Nine begins the process of adjusting to life as a human, Kes finds herself at a crossroads that will change her very existence.

The Day of Honor

09/17/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

On the Klingon "Day of Honor," B'Elanna finds herself experiencing one of the worst days of her life, including being stranded adrift in space with Tom Paris and with the oxygen in their EVA suits almost finished.


09/24/97 -- Stardate: 51082.4

When his shuttlecraft is shot down over a nearby planet, Commander Chakotay finds himself in the middle of a brutal ground war, and experience that has a profound psychological effect on him.


10/01/97 -- Stardate: 51186.2

When B'Elanna and Doc are sent on an away mission in response to a distresss call from an alien ship, they find themselved in a life-and-death battle against an insane holographic member of the alien crew.

The Raven

10/08/97 -- Stardate: Unknown

Seven of Nine's recurring visions of being chased by the Borg and a raven signal the reactivation of the Borg nanites in her body and her desire to return to the Collective.

Scientific Method

10/29/97 -- Stardate: 51244.3

Aliens who are able to make themselves invisible invade Voyager and begin to perform medical experiments that have serious consequences for the crew's health.

Year of Hell (Part 1)

11/05/97 -- Stardate: 51268.4

Voyager comes under heavy attack and is all but destroyed by the Krenim, an alien race that uses time as a weapon.

Year of Hell (Part 2)

11/12/97 -- Stardate: 51425.4

On the brink of Voyager's destruction, Captain Janeway gets help from some unexpected sources to defeat the Krenim.

Random Thoughts

11/19/97 -- Stardate: 51367.2

When a momentary violent thought results in B'Elanna being arrested for causing grave bodily harm to an inhabitant of an alien planet, Tuvok puts himself at risk to prove her innocence.

Concerning Flight

11/26/97 -- Stardate: 51386.4

When interstellar smugglers steal Voyager's main computer, an unlikely champion, the holodeck's Leonardo da Vinci, helps Captain Janeway recover it.

Mortal Coil

12/17/97 -- Stardate: 51449.2

Neelix has a major crisis of faith when he is killed by a protomatter explosion and brought back to life, without any memory of an after-life during the time he was dead.

Waking Moments

01/14/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

When the crew begins to have strange dreams, they soon discover that an alien race is using the dreams to capture Voyager.

Message in a Bottle

02/04/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

Doc's holographic program is sent into the Alpha Quadrant through an alien communications network, and he finds himself on an experimental Starfleet vessel that is being hijacked by the Romulans.


02/11/98 -- Stardate: 51501.4

Starfleet uses the alien communications network to send letters from home to Voyager's crew, but Voyager comes under attack from the fierce Hirogen.


02/18/98 -- Stardate: 51652.3

Voyager finds itself in the middle of a confrontation between the Hirogen and Species 8472 (Scorpion), and in danger of destruction from both sides.


02/25/98 -- Stardate: 51679.4

Seven of Nine begins having flashbacks about being attacked and having Borg nanites removed from her body, setting off a formal investigation of an alien planet's trade representative.

The Killing Game (Part 1)

03/04/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

The Hirogen capture Voyager and force the crew to participate in a holodeck simulation of World War II.

The Killing Game (Part 2)

03/04/98 -- Stardate: 51715.2

Doc and Harry Kim manage to sabotage the Hirogen's holodeck "hunt," setting the stage for control of Voyager to be retaken by her crew.

Vis a Vis

04/08/98 -- Stardate: 51762.4

An alien "body snatcher" comes aboard Voyager and quickly maneuvers Paris into a position where the alien takes over Paris's body and tries to fit into Paris's life aboard Voyager.

The Omega Directive

04/15/98 -- Stardate: 51781.2

When Voyager's long range sensors detect the presence of "omega" molecules, the computer activates a super-secret Starfleet directive that has Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine at odds on how to deal with a potential threat to the Delta Quadrant. (Note: In the opening scene, Seven of Nine mis-stated the stardate as "15781.2".)


04/22/98 -- Stardate: 51813.4

When Voyager goes to the aid of a disabled ship, they find a young woman who say that she knows Chakotay from a previous encounter; but Chakotay has no knowledge of the woman.

Living Witness

04/29/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

Doc holo-program is activated, 700 years in the future, on a Delta Quadrant planet who's history records that Voyager and her crew were brutal attackers who killed millions of the planet's inhabitants.


05/06/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

When Tom Paris and Harry Kim go on an away mission to a planet with a highly toxic atmosphere, their environmental suits rupture and they later return to Voyager unable to breath oxygen.


05/13/98 -- Stardate: 51929.3

With Voyager's crew in stasis sleep while the ship travels through a highly radioactive nebula, Seven of Nine must confront her anxeities about being alone and still keep the ship and its crew safe during the dangerous passage.

Hope and Fear

05/20/98 -- Stardate: 51978.2

Voyager reconstructs the encrypted message received from Starfleet 5 months before, which leads the crew to an advanced vessel capable of transwarp speed, but things aren't what they seem.


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