Star Trek VOY

Season Five


Episode Highlights


10/14/98 -- Stardate: 52081.2

Voyager enters a void in space where there are no stars or other astronomical bodies, which has a negative effect on the crew's morale; but there are unexpected happenings going on in the void.


10/21/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

Faced with the presence of a growing Borg drone with 29th Century technology aboard Voyager, Captain Janeway assigns Seven of Nine to tutor the young Borg in what it means to be an individual.

Extreme Risk

10/28/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

While Paris leads a team in building an advanced shuttle to retrieve a probe before an alien race does, B'Elanna mysteriously begins to subject herself to possible fatal injuries in the holodeck.

In the Flesh

11/04/98 -- Stardate: 52136.4

During an undercover mission, Chakotay and Tuvok discover that members of Species 8472 are taking on human form and training for an operation that might result in an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

Once Upon a Time

11/11/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

When Ensign Wildman is trapped in the crashed Delta Flyer along with Paris and Tuvok, Neelix finds himself responsible for looking out for Wildman's daughter, Naomi.


11/18/98 -- Stardate: 52143.6

From 15 years in the future, Chakotay and Kim try to prevent an accident that destroyed Voyager and her crew.

Infinite Regress

11/25/98 -- Stardate: 52356.2

When Voyager happens on the debris of a Borg cube ship, Seven of Nine begins to exhibit the personalities of the many individuals she had helped to assimilate as a Borg drone.

Nothing Human

12/02/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

When an insectoid alien attaches itself to B'Elanna, threatening her life, Doc programs a holographic representation of a prominent Cardassian exobiologist to help remove the alien; but when the truth becomes known about the types of medical experiments the Cardassian performed on Bajorans during the occupation, trouble brews among Voyager's crew.

Thirty Days

12/09/98 -- Stardate: 52179.4

Voyager encounters an unusual ocean world with a thriving underwater civilization, but Tom Paris's emotional connection to the world lands him in big trouble.


12/16/98 -- Stardate: Unknown

Voyager becomes the target of repeated boardings and detailed inspections by aliens who are paranoid about telepaths anywhere in their area of space.

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