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Pocket Books - PB: 02/95
L.A. Graf

Novelization of: Caretaker

The Escape

Pocket Books - PB: 05/95
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Voyager is in trouble, with her warp drive dailing and other systems damaged; and Captain Janeway must guide the crippled ship to an ancient deserted planet that could hold the key to the crew's survival; but the planet has a deadly secret.


Pocket Books - PB: 07/95
Nathan Archer

When Voyager races to the source of a signal that might lead them to a way home, the ship and its crew find themselves in the middle of a raging battle between two warrior races, a battle that has lasted for thousands of years.


Pocket Books - PB: 09/95
Susan Wright

Under the guise of helping the crew find a way home, a group of aliens boards Voyager and then steals the main computer; and to get it back, Captain Janeway is forced to negotiate with the thieves, who are from a consortium of planets where thievery is a way of life.

Incident at Arbuk

Pocket Books - PB: 11/95
John Gregory Betancourt

Tracking an alien shuttle's distress signal to thr nearby Arbuk system, Voyager's crew encounters an unusual weapon that is thousands of times more powerful that Voyager; and soon they are attacked by a group of mysterious warships intent on gaining access to the weapon.

The Murdered Sun

Pocket Books - PB: 02/96
Christie Golden

When the Voyager investigates a possible nearby wormhole, they find a solar system being pillaged by a warlike race; and although Captain Janeway doesn't want to become involved in someone else's war, she has no choice but to come to the aid of the inocent inhabitants of Veruna Four.

Ghost of a Chance

Pocket Books - PB: 04/96
Mark A. Garland - Charles G. McGraw

Voyager is badly damaged by a close encounter with a dwarf star and when the ship later discovers a planet being torn apart by volcanic forces, an alien starship arrives, offering aid to both Voyager and the planet; but ghostly visions warn Janeway and the crew of impending danger.


Pocket Books - PB: 06/96
S.N. Lewitt

When a mysterious signal lures Voyager to an uncharted sector of the Delta Quadrant and to a ghost ship adrift in space, Janeway investigates; but the ghost ship's haunting song casts a dangerous spell over the crew.

Invasion Book 4: The Final Fury

Pocket Books - PB: 08/96
Dafydd Ab Hugh

When Voyager responds to a Starfleet distress call, they find an assembly of non-humanoid races that may represent the source of the "Furies" that are threatening the entire Alpha Quadrant and, unexpectedly, also a possible way home for Voyager.


Pocket Books - PB: 10/96
Diane Carey

Novelization of: Flashback


Pocket Books - HC: 10/96 - PB: 06/97
Jeri Taylor

As Captain Janeway is torn between acting to save an away team trapped on a hostile planet and preserving the safety of Voyager and its crew, she recalls key times in her life to help her make the right decision.

Bless the Beasts

Pocket Books - PB: 12/96
Karen Haber

When Voyager stops at the planet Sardalia for crucial repairs, the crew is enthusiastically welcomed by the planet's inhabitants; however, then Tom Paris and Harry Kim mysteriously disappear, Voyager finds itself caught in the middle of a planetary war.

The Garden

Pocket Books - PB: 02/97
Melissa Scott

When they beam down to the planet Kirse for vital supplies, Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew find themselves in the middle of an interplanetary battle, when the planet is attached by an enemy of the Kirse.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/97
David Niall Wilson

An away team sent to explorer the abundant plant life on an unexplored planet for possible food supplies falls under the effects of a fragrant blossom, falling into deep comas from which they cannot be revived.

The Black Shore

Pocket Books - PB: 05/97
Greg Cox

When the crew of Voyager seeks some rest and relaxation on a planet that seems to be a veritable paradise, Chakotay, led by his spirit guide, and Kes, warned by her psychic senses, discover that the planet holds a dark secret.

Day of Honor: Book 3 - Her Klingon Soul

Pocket Books - PB: 10/97
Michael Jan Friedman

B'Elanna Torres and Harry Kim are captured by alien slavers and forced to mine deadly radioactive ore, and B'Elanna will need all of her strength, cunning, and honor in order to survive.

Day of Honor: The Television Episode

Pocket Books - PB: 11/97
Michael Jan Friedman

Novelization of: Day of Honor


Pocket Books - PB: 12/97
Christie Golden

An alien pirate abducts Kes and the away team sent to rescue her crashes on a hostile world, leaving Chakotay and the rest of Voyager's crew to become the rescuers, while the stranded crewmembers fight for their survival.


Pocket Books - PB: 01/98
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch - Nina Kiriki Hoffman

To save billions of individuals from a planet that mysteriously disappeared, Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew must confront multiple alternate versions of themselves in a race against time.

Captain's Table: Book 4 - Fire Ship

Pocket Books - PB: 07/98
Diane Carey

Captain Janeway is separated from Voyager during and attack and she is rescued by an alien vessel, where she must learn to fit in in order to save the Delta Quadrant from a terrible war.


Pocket Books - HC: 08/98
Jeri Taylor

Voyager's crew is imprisoned in a disease-ridden prison on an alien planet and, to pass the time as they plot their escape, they recount the life stories that led them to their encounters with Voyager, Captain Janeway, and each other.

Seven of Nine

Pocket Books - PB: 09/98
Christie Golden

The story of how a young human girl named Annika Hansen was assimilated by the Borg to become Seven of Nine and later rescued by Captain Janeway, who has pledged to help her come to terms with her true human identity.
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