Star Trek TOS Novels

Original Series Novels - Part 2

Pocket's Original Novels

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Pocket Books - PB: 12/79
Gene Roddenberry

Novelization of: Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The Entrophy Effect

Pocket Books - PB: 06/81
Vonda McIntyre

A brilliant, but criminal, scientist kills Kirk and throws the universe into a deadly time warp, and Spock must travel back in time to avert the disaster before it happens.

The Klingon Gambit

Pocket Books - PB: 10/81
Robert Vardeman

When the Enterprise is ordered to challenge a Klingon battle cruiser, the crew finds that a Vulcan research ship has been destroyed and that their minds are being affected by a Klingon device.

Covenant of the Crown

Pocket Books - PB: 12/81
Howard Weinstein

An Enterprise shuttlecraft carrying Spock, McCoy, and the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne crash lands on a barren planet, where they must fight for survival against Klingon scouts and primitive natives.

The Prometheus Design

Pocket Books - PB: 03/82
Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

The Enterprise is sent on a mission to investigate the mysterious wave of violence that has overtaken the Helvans, and come face to face with the chaos caused by a mind experiment by an alien of unimaginable power.

The Abode of Life

Pocket Books - PB: 05/82
Lee Carrey

The Enterprise, crippled and in need of urgent repairs, arrives at Mercan, a planet whose sun is prone to deadly radioactive flare-ups, but whose citizens live in a culture that cannot conceive of life outside their own world.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn

Pocket Books - PB: 07/82
Vonda McIntyre

Novelization of: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

Black Fire

Pocket Books - PB: 01/83
Sonni Cooper

While investigating sabotage aboard the Enterprise, Spock finds himself in an alliance with the Romulans and Klingons against the blood-thirsty Tomari race, but is considered a traitor by the Federation.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/83
Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

Kirk and Spock are both inexplicably attracted to the same woman, Federation free agent Sola Than, as they all face the collective mind of the Totality, the most powerful force ever unleashed on the galaxy.

Yesterday's Son

Pocket Books - PB: 08/83
Ann C. Crispin

While he is studying the Guardian of Forever, Spock learns that Zarabeth had born him a son 5,000 years ago, and the Romulans attack the gateway planet.

Mutiny on the Enterprise

Pocket Books - PB: 10/83
Robert Vardeman

The Enterprise is crippled in orbit around a strange, living planet, and an alien woman on board is inciting the crew to a pacifist mutiny.

The Wounded Sky

Pocket Books - PB: 12/83
Diane Duane

On a test of an experimental intergalactic inversion (transwarp) drive, the Enterprise faces not only the Klingons, but a tear in the fabric of space-time.

The Trellisane Confrontation

Pocket Books - PB: 02/84
David Dvorkin

The Enterprise rushes to war-torn Trellisane, where a bizzare turn of events has Kirk on the bridge of a Klingon battlecruiser, McCoy dining with cannibals on the planet, and the Enterprise surrounded by Romulans.


Pocket Books - PB: 04/84
Greg Bear

An awesome sentient force of protostars known as Corona takes control of a stranded team of Valean scientists, and the Enterprise arrives on a rescue mission with a troublesome female reporter and a new computer that can over-ride Kirk's orders.

The Final Reflection

Pocket Books - PB: 05/84
John Ford

On board the Enterprise during shore leave, Kirk relives the life and culture of the Klingons and learns about Klingon Captain Krenn's secret battle to preserve peace, as he reads the popular Klingon history The Final Reflection.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Pocket Books - PB: 06/84
Vonda McIntyre

Novelization of: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

My Enemy, My Ally

Pocket Books - PB: 07/84
Diane Duane

Romulan Commander Ael is a noble and dangerous foe, but when she learns that Romulan scientists are kidnapping Vulcans for mind-control experiments, she joins Kirk and the Enterprise to destroy the research lab and return honor to the Romulan name.

The Tears of the Singers

Pocket Books - PB: 09/84
Melinda Snodgrass

The Enterprise crew and the Klingons join in an uneasy truce to investigate the semi-aquatic creatures of Taygeta, whose jewel-like tears have resulted in their being hunted to extinction, thus causing the formation of a dangerous space-time warp.

The Vulcan Academy Murders

Pocket Books - PB: 11/84
Jean Lorrah

While Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are on Vulcan seeking an experimental treatment for a badly wounded crewman, they become involved in a series of murders where Spock's mother is one of the victims.

Uhura's Song

Pocket Books - PB: 01/85
Janet Kagan

The songs Uhura learned years ago from a friend from the cat-like Eeiauoau race become the key to stopping a plague that may kill the entire population of the planet.

Shadow Lord

Pocket Books - PB: 03/85
Laurence Yap

Spock and Sulu join Prince Vikram of Angira to his home planet to return him to his rightful throne, but instead find a world locked in bloody revolutionary battles, where each must survive on his skill with a sword.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/85
Barbara Hambly

While on a secret mission to learn about a Klingon plan to use time travel to change the Federation's history, Spock finds himself in 19th Century San Francisco, with amnesia and going by the name Ishmael.

Killing Time

Pocket Books - PB: 07/85
Della Van Hise

A Romulan time-tampering project called Second History transports the Enterprise into an alternate universe where Kirk is an embittered young ensign and Spock a beseiged starship commander.

Dwellers in the Crucible

Pocket Books - PB: 09/85
Margaret Wander Bonanno

The Romulans have kidnapped six Federation Warrantors of Peace in a plan to form political chaos and civil war in the Federation; and the Enterprise is sent to find and rescue them.

Pawns and Symbols

Pocket Books - PB: 11/85
Majlis Larson

Agricultural scientist Jean Czerny is taken by the Klingons from an earthquake-ravaged station on Sherman's Planet to the Klingon homeworld, where she is forced to work on ways of combating a deadly famine caused by agricultural blight.


Pocket Books - PB: 01/86
J.M. Dillard

During a vicious attack by an unknown enemy on the planet Aritami, Spock suffers a fall that cripples his mind, and Kirk discovers a Romulan connection with a double agent on the Enterprise.

Crisis on Centaurus

Pocket Books - PB: 03/86
Brad Ferguson

The planet Centaurus has been bombed by an anti-matter device set by terrorists, and the Enterprise sets out to care for the survivors and try to find McCoy's daughter on the planet.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/86
Diane Carey

On her maiden voyage, the super dreadnaught Star Empire is stolen by a group of Starfleet officers who insist that their aim is to save the Federation from traitors.


Pocket Books - PB: 07/86
J.M. Dillard

A Federation research expedition accidentally discovers and unleashes an ancient evil force, which runs rampant on Vulcan, causing death and destruction among Spock's family and friends.

Enterprise: The First Adventure

Pocket Books - PB: 09/86
Vonda McIntyre

Captain Kirk, new commander of the USS Enterprise, assumes command from Captain Christopher Pike and sets out with an uneasy crew on the first voyage of the starship's historic 5-year mission.


Pocket Books - PB: 11/86
Diane Carey

Lt. Piper, who helped solve the Dreadnaught crisis, is sent by Captain Kirk on a secret mission to help clear his name of the theft of the transwarp drive technology and faces one of the Federation's most deadly traitors.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Pocket Books - PB: 12/86
Vonda McIntyre

Novelization of: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Chain of Attack

Pocket Books - PB: 02/87
Gene De Weese

While mapping a series of gravitational anomalies, the Enterprise is hurled millions of light years through space to an almost lifeless galaxy, where suicide ships from two warring worlds attack in a battle that has raged for centuries.

Deep Domain

Pocket Books - PB: 04/87
Howard Weinstein

On a routine diplomatic mission to the water world Akkalla, Spock, Chekov, and the rest of the Enterprise crew become involved in the struggle of rebels against a corrupt government, and help solve the mystery of an ancient undersea intelligence.

Dreams of the Ravens

Pocket Books - PB: 06/87
Carmen Carter

While answering a merchant ship's desperate distress call, the Enterprise confronts an unknown but dangerous enemy that controls McCoy through his dreams.

Strangers from the Sky

Pocket Books - PB: 07/87
Margaret Wander Bonanno

Kirk and Spock are tormented by horrible dreams of a distant, forgotten past, and must resort to McCoy's hypnotic treatments to learn the truth of their involvement in the first contact between humans and Vulcans in the 21st Century.

The Romulan Way

Pocket Books - PB: 08/87
Diane Duane - Peter Morwood

Undercover Federation agent Terise La Brutto recounts her life among the Rihannsu (Romulans) and her encounter with McCoy and the renegade Romulan Commander Ael.

How Much for Just the Planet?

Pocket Books - PB: 10/87
John Ford

The small planet Direidi has a fortune in natural dilithium, which the Federation and the Klingons both want; but the whacky practical-joker inhabitants of the planet have other ideas.


Pocket Books - PB: 12/87
J.M. Dillard

Responding to a class-one medical emergency on Tanis, the Enterprise brings aboard the sole survivor of a biological warfare accident, who has become a living vampire who infects those he attacks.

Final Frontier

Pocket Books - PB: 01/88
Diane Carey

Kirk, on shore leave, finds old letters from his father, Commander George S. Kirk, and reminisces about the career of the first Kirk to serve on the Enterprise.

The IDIC Epidemic

Pocket Books - PB: 02/88
Jean Lorrah

A plague rages across the Vulcan science colony on Misus, where all peoples of the galaxy -- humand, Vulcans, even Klingons -- work side by side.

Time for Yesterday

Pocket Books - PB: 04/88
Ann C. Crispin

Time in the galaxy has stopped running in its normal course, meaning that the Guardian of Forever is malfunctioning; and Spock, Kirk, and McCoy must journey 5,000 years into the past to find Spock's son Zar to telepathically communicate with the Guardian.


Pocket Books - PB: 06/88
David Dvorkin

In remote Federation space, the Enterprise picks up an urgent signal from a Klingon vessel; and while on the Klingon ship trying to determine what the Klingons are doing, Kirk and the Klingon ship disappear into a time warp that carries them 100 years into the future.

The Three-Minute Universe

Pocket Books - PB: 08/88
Barbara Paul

An abhorred race called the Sackers uses a revolutionary device to form a rip in the fabric of space, causing a parallel universe to engulf and begin to consume our own universe.

Spock's World

Pocket Books - HC: 09/80 - PB: 08/89
Diane Duane

Spock, Sarek, and Kirk try to persuade the Vulcan ruling council to reverse its decision to secede from the Federation.

Memory Prime

Pocket Books - PB: 10/88
Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens

The greatest scientists in the universe gather at Memory Prime, the Federation's ultimate library complex; and Kirk becomes involved in stopping an assassination attempt.

The Final Nexus

Pocket Books - PB: 12/88
Gene De Weese

Time gates created by an extinct race centuries ago begin to break down, and the Enterprise must prevent creatures from another universe from crossing into ours.

Vulcan's Glory

Pocket Books - PB: 02/89
D.C. Fontana

A young Spock struggles to reconcile the obligations forced on him by his Vulcan heritage and his desire to serve on the Enterprise with Captain Pike.

Double, Double

Pocket Books - PB: 04/89
Michael Jan Friedman

The USS Hood inadvertently sets loose an android double of Captain Kirk, who is intent on replacing the real Kirk and taking control of the Enterprise.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Pocket Books - PB: 06/89
J.M. Dillard

Novelization of: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

The Lost Years

Pocket Books - HC: 10/89 - PB: 08/90
J.M. Dillard

After completion of the Enterprise's 5-year mission, Kirk is promoted to Admiral and, with help from Spock and McCoy, defuses a crisis situation on the remote planet Djana.

The Cry of the Onlies

Pocket Books - PB: 10/89
Judy Klau

When an experimental starship falls into the wrong hands and begins to wreak havoc along the Klingon and Romulan borders, the Enterprise is called in to recover the vessel and prevent a catastrophic war.

The Kobayashi Maru

Pocket Books - PB: 12/89
Julia Ecklar

Trapped in a crippled and drifting shuttlecraft, Kirk and other crew members discuss the Kobayashi Maru scenario, which holds the key to their survival.

Rules of Engagement

Pocket Books - PB: 02/90
Peter Morwood

The Enterprise is sent to the planet Dekkanar with strict orders to evacuate Federation personnel and not to show force; but a Klingon warship has other ideas.

The Pandora Principle

Pocket Books - PB: 04/90
Carolyn Clowes

Spock and Saavik must return to the planet Hellguard to search for the deadly secret of a derelict Romulan Bird of Prey discovered near the Neutral Zone.

Doctor's Orders

Pocket Books - PB: 06/90
Diane Duane

Dr. McCoy finds himself in command of the Enterprise when Kirk disappears on a strange planet and Klingons appear on the scene.

Prime Directive

Pocket Books - HC: 09/90 - PB: 09/91
Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens

Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are scattered among the stars in disgrace after a well-intentioned rescue mission causes the total destruction of a newly-discovered race on the planet Talin.

Enemy Unseen

Pocket Books - PB: 10/90
V.E. Mitchell

Kirk encounters an old flame who now happens to be the wife of a Federation ambassador, and he must also seek out an alien killer stalking the Enterprise.

Home Is the Hunter

Pocket Books - PB: 12/90
Dana Kramer-Rolls

When the Enterprise and a Klingon ship carry their dispute to a primitive planet, a powerful being traps Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov in the historical past of their ancestors.


Pocket Books - PB: 02/91
Barbara Humbly

The Enterprise is caught in a struggle for survival from a silent killer who stalks the ship when Kirk comes to help the Midgwins, who are on the brink of ecological disaster and global famine.

A Flag Full of Stars

Pocket Books - PB: 04/91
Brad Ferguson

As Admiral Kirk directs the refit of the Enterprise and a ceremonial flight of NASA's space shuttle Enterprise, he becomes involved in stopping a Klingon plot to steal a scientific breakthrough that could be used to destroy the Federation.


Pocket Books - PB: 06/91
Gene De Weese

Sent to prevent a conflict between the planets Chrellkran III and IV, Kirk finds himself fighting a plot to overthrow the Federation as an act of revenge.


Pocket Books - PB: 08/91
Michael Jan Friedman

Kirk and an away team are trapped on a primitive planet while Spock, who is suffering from the effects of a poison, must confront the ruthless Dreen, who Spock and Captain Pike defeated 10 years before.

The Rift

Pocket Books - PB: 11/91
Peter David

Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are sent to transport a delegation to Callega, which lies hundreds of light years away and can only be reached through a rift in space that occurs every 50 years.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Pocket Books - PB: 01/92
J.M. Dillard

Novelization of: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Faces of Fire

Pocket Books - PB: 03/92
Michael Jan Friedman

Enroute to a planet to mediate a religious war, the Enterprise drops off Spock at a terraforming colony, where he becomes involved, with Carol and David Marcus, in a battle against the Klingons.


Pocket Books - HC: 04/92 - PB: 12/92
Margaret Wander Bonanno

With the death of the Romulan Praetor, an opportunity exists for peace between the Federation and the Romulans; but the Whalesong Probe enters Romulan space, giving hardline Romulans an opportunity to destroy any chance for peace.

The Disinherited

Pocket Books - PB: 05/92
P. David - M. J. Friedman - R. Greenberger

A peaceful Federation colony becomes the third world to suffer a brutal attack at the hands of a mysterious alien fleet, and the Enterprise is sent to investigate the attacks, only to find themselves involved in a battle that could affect the entire Federation.

Ice Trap

Pocket Books - PB: 07/92
L.A. Graf

A team of scientists assigned to the ice planet Nordstral vanish, and the Enterprise must battle hostile natives and an unexplained form of insanity to find the missing scientists.


Pocket Books - PB: 09/92
John Vornholt

The Enterprise is assigned to search for and capture a dangerous criminal, and on the mysterious planet known as Sanctuary, the crew find themselves in a life and death struggle from which there seems to be no escape.

Death Count

Pocket Books - PB: 10/92
L.A. Graf

Sent to patrol the border between the feuding Andorians and Orions, the Enterprise begins to encounter incidents of sabotage, including the murder of Enterprise crew members.

Best Destiny

Pocket Books - HC: 11/92 - PB: 11/93
Diane Carey

Captain Kirk recalls a trip to the planet Faramond, as a 16-year old, with his father, George Kirk, and Captain Robert April, which pits them in a real-life struggle for survival.

Shell Game

Pocket Books - PB: 02/93
Melissa Crandall

While on a routine mission to retrieve a research drone, the Enterprise encounters a lifeless Romulan space station adrift in Federation space, and the crew begin to see ghostly apparitions out the corner of their eyes.

The Starship Trap

Pocket Books - PB: 03/93
Mel Gilden

Enroute to an important diplomatic reception, a Klingon warship intercepts the Enterprise, accusing the Federation of attacking Klingon vessels; but the vessels of all star systems are disappearing and the Enterprise must find out why.

Window on a Lost World

Pocket Books - PB: 05/93
V.E. Mitchell

While exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization, Kirk, Spock, and Chekov discover windows to a strange and dangerous alien world.

Shadows on the Sun

Pocket Books - HC: 08/93 - PB: 07/94
Michael Jan Friedman

Forty years after he first met her, McCoy again meets his first love; but he risks losing her again in his efforts to rescue Captain Kirk from terrorists who kidnap him.

From the Depths

Pocket Books - PB: 08/93
Victor Milan

A human colony is locked in a deadly power struggle with the native inhabitants of Okeanos, and Captain Kirk is charged with sabotaging an Okeanian city.

The Great Starship Race

Pocket Books - PB: 10/93
Diane Carey

When a friendly alien race called the Rey make contact with the Federation, they celebrate by staging a great starship competition; but the Romulans soon crash the party.


Pocket Books - PB: 01/94
L.A. Graf

The Enterprise is sent to the planet Rakatan to mediate a dispute between a Federation geological expedition and the Elasians over dilitium mining rights; but a cataclysmic volcanic eruption soon turns this into a rescue mission.


Pocket Books - HC: 02/94 - PB: 01/95
A.C. Crispin

Spock returns to Vulcan to be with his dying mother, Amanda; but as Amanda's condition worsens, Sarek and the Enterprise must travel to the Klingon homeworld to confront a mysterious enemy intent on destroying the Federation.

The Patrian Transgression

Pocket Books - PB: 04/94
Simon Hawke

The Enterprise is sent to Patria I to discuss that world's application for Federation membership; but Kirk and his landing party soon discover that the Patrians have a strict system of laws that is enforced by a telepathic police force.

Traitor Winds

Pocket Books - PB: 06/94
L.A. Graf

A powerful businessman jealous of Admiral Kirk's successes sets out to frame Sulu and Chekov for murder and treason against the Federation in his plan to sell advanced technology to both the Klingons and Romulans in an attempt to have them destroy each other in war.


Pocket Books - PB: 09/94
Barbara Hambly

The Enterprise beams aboard the crew of a battered starship who claim to be freedom fighters from the future who are working to save the Federation from the Consilium, a group of corrupt power-seekers; but when they seize control of the Enterprise and a starship from the future arrives to arrest the renegades, Kirk and crew must decide which group is the Federation's true allies.

The Better Man

Pocket Books - PB: 12/94
Howard Weinstein

When the planet Empyrea, a colony of genetically perfect humans, demands that a Federation science station be removed, the Enterprise is sent to transport a Federation ambassador to the planet to try to negotiate a mutual agreement; and while there, McCoy learns that he has a daughter on Empyrea, who the Empyreans do not know is less than genetically perfect.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/95
J.M. Dillard

Admiral Kirk is assigned to supervise testing of the USS Recovery, an experimental rescue vessel; but when the Recovery becomes a pawn in a plot that could lead to interstellar war and Dr. McCoy is hunted through the lower levels of the ship by a homocidal maniac, Kirk must find a way to save McCoy and rescue the Recovery.

The Ashes of Eden

Pocket Books - HC: 06/95 - PB: 03/96
William Shatner - Judith & Gar Reeves-Stevens

Six months prior to the launch of the Enterprise-B, Captain Kirk faces the spectre of retirement and alife devoid of challenge; but when a mysterious young woman offers him an irresistible adventure, he finds himself fighting a threat to the fragile peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

The Fearful Summons

Pocket Books - PB: 06/95
Denny Martin Flinn

Captain Sulu and the crew of the starship Excelsior are kidnapped by a little-known race called the Thaxians, and when negotiations for their release breakdown, Captain Kirk and the former crew of the Enterprise reunite to rescue their old comrade.

First Frontier

Pocket Books - PB: 08/95
Diane Carey - Dr. James Kirkland

While testing a new shield, the Enterprise is caught in the middle of a Klingon-Romulan battle and are hurled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, where they find that the timeline has been changed to allow one species of dinosaurs to evolve into an intelligent species that did not allow humans to evolve on Earth.

The Captain's Daughter

Pocket Books - PB: 12/95
Peter David

When Demora Sulu suddenly attacks her commanding officer, who kills her in self-defense, everyone is stunned, and her father Captain Hikaru Sulu goes to the planet where she was killed to learn the truth, only to be confronted by an old enemy eager to destroy his reputation and his life.

Twilight's End

Pocket Books - PB: 01/96
Jerry Oltion

While helping a planet that does not spin on its axis to activate gigantic impulse engines to start the planet rotating, something goes wrong, threatening to destroy the planet; and Captain Kirk and Scotty must race to stop disaster.

The Return

Pocket Books - HC: 04/96 - PB: 04/97
William Shatner - Judith & Gar Reeves-Stevens

When the Borg and the Romulans form an unholy alliance to resurrect the body of Captain James Kirk to use it against Captin Jean-Luc Picard, the Borg's most formidable enemy, two generations of Enterprise legends join forces to combat this new threat.

The Rings of Tautee

Pocket Books - PB: 05/96
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

When the Tautee solar sysem begins to disintegrate into rubble, Captain Kirk suspects that a new Klingon superweapon is involved; but because Tautee isn't ready to join the Federation, Kirk's rescue efforts provoke a hostile response from Klingon warships.

Invasion Book 1: First Strike

Pocket Books - PB: 07/96
Diane Carey

Eons ago, the worlds of what is now known as the Alpha Quadrant belonged to a race of aliens known as the Furies. Now, they have begun an invasion of the Quadrant, and the Klingons, the Furies' first targets, call on Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to help fight off the invasion.

The Joy Machine

Pocket Books - PB: 09/96
James Gunn - Theodore Sturgeon

Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are sent to investigate the reason why a friendly and hospitable people have suddenly cut themselves off from all outside contact, only to find that the planet's people are held hostage to a new technology that gives them total pleasure.

Mudd in Your Eye

Pocket Books - PB: 01/97
Jerry Olton

The Enterprise is sent to investigate a recently-achieved peace between two planets that have been at war for millennia, only to find that none other than Harry Mudd was the architect of that peace.


Pocket Books - HC: 05/97 - PB: 09/97
William Shatner - Judith & Gar Reeves-Stevens

While investigating evidence that his father, Sarek, was murdered, Spock encounters Captain James Kirk who, long-believed to be dead, is on his own quest for the source of a lethal virus that is killing a plant life on Federation worlds, pushing it into starvation.

Mind Meld 

Pocket Books - PB: 06/97
John Vornholt

When Spock escorts his niece, a child destined to play a role in the eventual reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan people, back to Vulcan, the child accidentally learns the identity of a deadly, putting her and Spock's lives in danger.

Starfleet Academy

Pocket Books - PB: 06/97
Diane Carey

When a series of "accidents" begins to plague Starfleet Academy, Cadet David Forester sets out to find and stop the cause, putting himself in the middle of a mission with Captain Kirk and company to stop a series of even deadlier raids against Federation outposts. [Based on the CD-ROM game of the same name.]

Vulcan's Forge

Pocket Books - HC: 08/97 - PB: 03/98
Josepha Sherman - Susan Shwartz

A year after Captain Kirk's death on Veridian III, Captain Spock is called upon to help a friend from his youth fight off the treachery of the Romulans, and Spock finds himself reflecting on his youth and the decisions he made early in life.

Day of Honor: Book 4 - Treaty's Law

Pocket Books - PB: 10/97
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

As Captain Kirk and Klingon Commander Kor find themselves competing for a valuable farming planet, both are attacked by a alien fleet, forcing them to cooperate and rely on each other's honor in order to survive.

Heart of the Sun

Pocket Books - PB: 11/97
Pamela Sargent - George Zebrowski

When the Enterprise is sent to invesigate an abandoned space habitat, they find a treasure trove of alien technological science; but the habitat's shifting orbit sends it on a collision course with an inhabited planet.

Assignment: Eternity

Pocket Books - PB: 01/98
Greg Cox

The Enterprise gets a surprise visit from Gary Seven, who hijacks the starship and takes it deep into Romulan territory on a mission known only to himself.


Pocket Books - HC: 05/98
William Shatner - Judth & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

As James Kirk arrives back on Earth for the first time since his apparent "death" on the Enterprise-B, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E unexpectedly discover the battered starship Voyager, revealing a threat to the Federation that only Kirk can help defeat.

The Captain's Table: Book 1 - War Dragons

Pocket Books - PB: 06/98
L.A. Graf

When a simmering animosity between two distant planets threatens to erupt into interstellar war, Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise and Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior must join forces to resolve the situation.

Strange New Worlds

Pocket Books - PB: 07/98
Dean Wesley Smith (Editor)

A collection of 18 short stories about the Star Trek universe written by fans for a contest sponsored by Pocket Books and Paramount Pictures.

Captain's Table: Book 6 - Where Sea Meets Sky

Pocket Books - PB: 10/98
Jerry Oltion

Years before James Kirk took command of the USS Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike was called upon to stop a huge, space-faring lifeform from destroying an innocent humanoid civilization without harming another civilization that depended on the alien lifeform.

My Brother's Keeper: Book 1 - Republic

Pocket Books - PB: 01/99
Michael Jan Friedman

Captain Kirk recalls his early friendship and first mission with Gary Mitchell [from "Where No Man Has Gone Before"] aboard the starship Republic as security officers during a peace ceremony on a planet about to end centuries of interplanetary war.

My Brother's Keeper: Book 2 - Constitution

Pocket Books - PB: 01/99
Michael Jan Friedman

Returning home after Gary Mitchell's death, Captain Kirk recalls the first time he held Mitchell's life in his hands, during an enemy attack on the starship Constitution that left Kirk as the senior officer in charge.
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