Star Trek TOS Novels

The Original Series Novels - Part 1

Bantam's Original Series Adaptations

Star Trek 1

Bantam Books - PB: 01/67
James Blish

Adaptations of: Charlie X, Dagger of the Mind, Man Trap, Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, and The Conscience of the King.

Star Trek 2

Bantam Books - PB: 02/68
James Blish

Adaptations of: Arena, A Taste of Armageddon, Errand of Mercy, Court-Martial, Operation: Annihilate, The City on the Edge of Forever, and Space Seed.

Star Trek 3

Bantam Books - PB: 04/69
James Blish

Adaptations of: The Trouble with Tribbles, The Last Gunfight, The Doomsday Machine, Assignment: Earth, Friday's Child, and Amok Time.

Star Trek 4

Bantam Books - PB: 07/71
James Blish

Adaptations of: All Our Yesterdays, The Devil in the Dark, Journey to Babel, The Menagerie, The Enterprise Incident, and A Piece of the Action.

Star Trek 5

Bantam Books - PB: 02/72
James Blish

Adaptations of: Whom Gods Destroy, The Tholian Web, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, This Side of Paradise, Turnabout Intruder, Requiem for Metuselah, and The Way to Eden.

Star Trek 6

Bantam Books - PB: 04/72
James Blish

Adaptations of: The Savage Curtain, The Lights of Zetar, The Apple, By Any Other Name, The Cloud Minders, and The Mark of Gideon.

Star Trek 7

Bantam Books - PB: 07/72
James Blish

Adaptations of: Who Mourns for Adonis, The Changeling, The Paradise Syndrome, Metamorphosis, The Deadly Years, and Elaan of Troyius.

Star Trek 8

Bantam Books - PB: 11/72
James Blish

Adaptations of: Spock's Brain, The Enemy Within, Catspaw, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Wolf in the Fold, and For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.

Star Trek 9

Bantam Books - PB: 08/73
James Blish

Adaptations of: Return to Tomorrow, The Ultimate Computer, That Which Survives, Obsession, The Return of the Archons, and The Immunity Syndrome.

Star Trek 10

Bantam Books - PB: 02/74
James Blish

Adaptations of: The Alternative Factor, The Empath, Galileo Seven, Is There in Truth No Beauty, A Private Little War, and The Omega Glory.

Star Trek 11

Bantam Books - PB: 04/75
James Blish

Adaptations of: What Are Little Girls Made of, The Squire of Gothos, Wink of an Eye, Bread and Circuses, Day of the Dove, and Plato's Stepchildren.

Star Trek 12

Bantam Books - PB: 11/77
James Blish - J.A. Lawrence-Blish

Adaptations of: Patterns of Force, The Gamesters of Triskelion, And the Children Shall Lead, The Corbomite Maneuver, and Shore Leave.

Mudd's Angels

Bantam Books - PB: 05/78
J.A. Lawrence-Blish

Adaptations of: Mudd's Woman, I Mudd, and The Business as Usual During Altercations (original story).

Bantam's Original Stories

Spock Must Die

Bantam Books - PB: 02/70
James Blish

The Enterprise crew is caught in an undeclared war with the Klingons, and while transporting to Organia, Spock becomes two, one good and one evil.

The New Voyages

Bantam Books - PB: 03/76
(Editors) Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

Short stories: Ni Var, Intersection Point, The Enchanted Pool, Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited, Face on the Barroom Floor, The Hunting, The Winged Dreamers, and The Mindsifter.

Spock, Messiah

Bantam Books - PB: 09/76
Theodore Cogswell - Charles Spano

A defective mind meld turns logical Mr. Spock into a fiery revolutionary who sets out to convert the planet Kyros with fire, sword, and forbidden philosophy.

The Price of the Phoenix

Bantam Books - PB: 07/77
Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

After the shock of Kirk's death, Spock is forced into a desperate gamble against Omne, emperor of the underworld, for Kirk's soul and renewed life.

Planet of Judgment

Bantam Books - PB: 08/77
Joe Haldeman

The Enterprise stumbles onto a mysterious planet that is orbited by a black hole, and where a strange race overpowers the laws of nature.

The New Voyages 2

Bantam Books - PB: 01/78
(Editors) Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

Short stories: Surprise, Snake Pit, The Patient Parasite, In the Maze, Marginal Existence, The Procrustean Petard, and The Sleeping God.


Bantam Books - PB: 09/78
Kathleen Sky

Spock and a beautiful, but bigoted, scientist who hates Vulcans are sent on a deadly assignment on a planet of ant-like creatures.

The Starless World

Bantam Books - PB: 11/78
Gordon Eklund

Inside the hollow shell of a remote planet, the Enterprise crew discovers a world within a world, with a white dwarf star at its center.

Trek to Madworld

Bantam Books - PB: 01/79
Stephen Goldin

The Enterprise crew travels to an eerie sector of space to save the endangered people of Epsilon Delta IV, and confronts Enowil, the mad gnome master of this insane planet.

World Without End

Bantam Books - PB: 02/79
Joe Haldeman

On Chatalia, an artificial world inhabited by furry winged creatures, the Enterprise crew is faced with the creatures' awesome powers and roving Klingon killers.

The Fate of the Phoenix

Bantam Books - PB: 05/79
Sondra Marshak - Myrna Culbreath

Kirk and Spock, aided by Romulan Commander Ael, face the reborn Omne, the immortal evil villan who has vowed revenge for his earlier defeat.

Devil World

Bantam Books - PB: 11/79
Gordon Eklund

Kirk falls in love with a beautiful, but mysterious, woman on Heartland, a planet populated by a race of terrifying demonic beings.

Perry's World

Bantam Books - PB: 02/80
Jack Haldeman II

The Enterprise crew is trapped between the sub-human Immunes and Klingons on a planet ruled by a human who has supposedly been dead for 300 years.

Galactic Whirlpool

Bantam Books - PB: 10/80
David Gerrold

The Enterprise attempts to rescue a lost human colony who believe the crew members are demons and are unaware that they are drifting towards the churning whirlpool at the galactic core.

Death's Angel

Bantam Books - PB: 04/81
Kathleen Sky

Kirk and Spock barely survive the mind-destroying plants on Delta Gamma IV, while McCoy faces charges for the murder of Federation diplomats aboard the Enterprise.

Ballantine's Animated Series Adaptations

Star Trek Log 1

Ballantine Books - PB: 06/74
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: Beyond the Farthest Star, Yesteryear, and One of Our Planets Is Missing.

Star Trek Log 2

Ballantine Books - PB: 09/74
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: The Survivor, The Lorelei Signal, and The Infinite Vulcan.

Star Trek Log 3

Ballantine Books - PB: 01/75
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: Once Upon a Planet, Mudd's Passion, The Magicks of Megas-Tu.

Star Trek Log 4

Ballantine Books - PB: 03/75
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: The Terratin Incident, Time Trap, and More Tribbles More Troubles.

Star Trek Log 5

Ballantine Books - PB: 08/75
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: The Ambergris Element, The Pirates of Orion, and Jihad.

Star Trek Log 6

Ballantine Books - PB: 03/76
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptations of: Albatross, The Practical Joker, and How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth.

Star Trek Log 7

Ballantine Books - PB: 06/76
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptation of: The Counter-Clock Incident.

Star Trek Log 8

Ballantine Books - PB: 08/76
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptation of: The Eye of the Beholder.

Star Trek Log 9

Ballantine Books - PB: 02/77
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptation of: Bem.

Star Trek Log 10

Ballantine Books - PB: 01/78
Alan Dean Foster

Adaptation of: Slaver Weapon.
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