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Encounter at Farpoint

Pocket Books - PB: 10/87
David Gerrold

Novelization of: Encounter at Farpoint.

Ghost Ship

Pocket Books - PB: 08/88
Diane Carey

Picard must find a way to communicate with a creature that absorbed the life energy of the crew of a Russian aircraft carrier in 1995, before it also absorbs the crew of the Enterprise.

The Peacekeepers

Pocket Books - PB: 09/88
Gene De Weese

Exploring a deserted alien spaceship, Data and La Forge find themselves transported light years away, into the middle of a deadly planetary conflict they must stop.

The Children of Hamlin

Pocket Books - PB: 11/88
Carmen Carter

The Enterprise crew faces the Choraii, a race that 50 years before massacred all of the adults on the Federation outpost Hamlin and kidnapped all of the children.

The Survivor

Pocket Books - PB: 01/89
Jean Lorrah

Answering a distress call from a human colony on the edge of known space, the Enterprise is thrust into the middle of a bloody revolution. (Originally titled A Question of Security.)

Strike Zone

Pocket Books - PB: 03/89
Peter David

The primitive Kreel stumble upon weapons of unimaginable power, and Captain Picard must mediate a dispute between them and the Klingons.

Power Hungry

Pocket Books - PB: 05/89
Howard Weinstein

Sent to deliver emergency famine relief to the planet Tropia, the Enterprise finds a brutal dictatorship that is more interested in maintaining power than helping the planet's inhabitants.


Pocket Books - PB: 07/89
John Vornholt

The Enterprise crew is caught up in the feudal conflicts on a planet where masks denote the wearer's station in life, in an attempt to open diplomatic dialogue with the planet's missing ruler.

The Captain's Honor

Pocket Books - PB: 09/89
David & Daniel Dvorkin

After a series of attacks by the M'Dok Empire on the planet Terrara, the Enterprise becomes involved in a struggle with the power-hungry captain of another Federation starship.

A Call to Darkness

Pocket Books - PB: 11/89
Michael Jan Friedman

Captain Picard and an away team vanish from a deserted Federation research vessel, and a mysterious disease begins to ravage the Enterprise crew.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Pocket Books - PB: 01/90
Peter David

Commander Riker is temporarily assigned to help a group of terraformers on a hostile planet, and soon becomes enmeshed in a life and death struggle.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/90
Jean Lorrah

An unexplained gravitational disturbance brings the Enterprise to the planet Elysia, where Data is faced with a quest that leads to his achieving humanity.

Gulliver's Fugitives

Pocket Books - PB: 05/90
Keith Sharee

A search for a missing starship leads Captain Picard to a lost colony where fiction and acts of imagination are punishable by death.

Doomsday World

Pocket Books - PB: 07/90
C.Carter - P.David - M.J.Friedman - R.Greenberger

While investigating archeological treasures on the planet Kirlos, La Forge, Data, and Worf are accused of terrorist attacks against the planet's rulers.

The Eyes of the Beholder

Pocket Books - PB: 09/90
Ann C. Crispin

The Enterprise discovers a space graveyard with an object at its center that has awesome powers that could mean insanity and death for the entire crew.


Pocket Books - PB: 11/90
Howard Weinstein

Picard must negotiate a peace between two planets that have been mortal enemies for many generations, but now need each other in order to survive.

Fortune's Light

Pocket Books - PB: 01/91
Michael Jan Friedman

Riker travels to the planet Imprima to help his friend Teller Conlon, who is accused of stealing the priceless jewel Fortune's Light.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/91
John Vornholt

Worf and Troi team up to solve the mysterious murder aboard the Enterprise of Lynn Carter, a renowned Federation scientist.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/91
Peter David

The Enterprise, aided by Guinan's bond sister, Delcara, and a huge planet-eating ship, battle a squadron of Borg ships headed toward Federation space.


Pocket Books - PB: 07/91
Mel Gilden

The actions of an old friend of Captain Picard cause Wesley's holodeck battle simulation to run out of control, causing terror aboard the Enterprise.


Pocket Books - PB: 10/91
Peter David

Lwaxana Troi is back on the Enterprise and making romantic moves toward Captain Picard; but when Q arrives unexpectedly, Lwaxana finds another target for her affections.


Pocket Books - PB: 11/91
Jeri Taylor

Novelization of: Unification (Parts 1 and 2).


Pocket Books - HC: 11/91 - PB: 08/92
Michael Jan Friedman

While enroute to the planet Daa'V, the crew of the Enterprise try to identify which of the ship's guests, all former crew members of Picard's prior ship, the Stargazer, is trying to kill the other former crewmates.

Perchance to Dream

Pocket Books - PB: 01/92
Howard Weinstein

On a routine mission to survey the uninhabited planet Domarus IV, a shuttlecraft carrying Data, Troi, and Wesley is captured by the Teniran, who claim the planet; but Picard and the Tenarin captain are in turn captured by an alien force on the planet.


Pocket Books - PB: 02/92
T.L. Mancaur

Answering a distress call, the Enterprise finds a damaged alien ship, which asks for assistance; but a fleet of Velma ships soon arrives, claiming that the crew of the damaged ship are their slaves.

Chains of Command

Pocket Books - PB: 04/92
Bill McCay - Eloise Flood

Picard and Troi are kidnapped by human slaves who are revolting against their bird-like captors on an ice planet.


Pocket Books - PB: 06/92
V.E. Mitchell

Negotiations with the Jarada, an isolated insectoid race, go awry when the Jarada start attacking each other and Enterprise crew members start to disappear.


Pocket Books - HC: 08/92 - PB: 07/93
Peter David

During delicate negotiations with an aggressive race, Troi contracts a disease and dies; but Riker then embarks on an adventure in time to save his Imzadi.

War Drums

Pocket Books - PB: 10/92
John Vornholt

Worf and the Enterprise find themselves trying to stop a bloody feud between human colonists and primitive Klingons on the planet Selva.


Pocket Books - PB: 11/92
Laureli Hamilton

While Captain Picard attempts to negotiate a settlement to a 200-year old civil war on the planet Oriana, he is accused of murder, and Worf and Troi must try to find the real killer.


Pocket Books - PB: 12/92
Michael Jan Friedman

Novelization of: Relics.


Pocket Books - PB: 03/93
Daniel Bishoff

A mysterious lifeform infects the Enterprise, making it begin to disintegrate; and Starfleet orders the destruction of the ship before other starships also become infected.

Devil's Heart

Pocket Books - HC: 03/93 - PB: 02/94
Carmen Carter

The Enterprise participates in the search for the Devil's Heart, a legendary artifact that gives its possessor powers beyond imagination, and Picard falls under the spell of its powers.

The Romulan Prize

Pocket Books - PB: 04/93
Simon Hawke

The discovery of the long-lost starship Independence in orbit about the planet Hermeticus II in the Neutral Zone plunges the Romulan Empire and the Federation into a conflict for the deadly secrets of the planet.

Guises of the Mind

Pocket Books - PB: 09/93
Rebecca Henson

When the Enterprise arrives at Capulon IV to attend the coronation of a new Ruler and to sign an agreement for Federation membership, Counselor Troi is kidnapped by a rebel group that plans to put an imposter on the planet's throne.


Pocket Books - PB: 10/93
Diane Carey

Novelization of: Descent (Parts 1 and 2).

Here There Be Dragons

Pocket Books - PB: 12/93
John Peel

The Enterprise finds a planet at the center of an immense stellar cloud, where a civilization of knights and serfs are being attacked by bounty hunters looking for 20-foot dragon lizards native to the planet.

Dark Mirror

Pocket Books - HC: 12/93 - PB: 11/94
Diane Duane

Scientists of the mirror universe first encountered by the original starship Enterprise (see TOS Mirror, Mirror) find a passageway between the two universes, and plan to replace the crew of the Enterprise with their mirror universe counterparts.

Sins of Commission

Pocket Books - PB: 03/94
Susan Wright

When a member of a strange race called the Sli, who can control emotions, is killed on board the Enterprise, all evidence points to Worf and one of his oldest friends as the killers, and he must find the real killer.

Debtor's Planet

Pocket Books - PB: 05/94
W.R. Thompson

The Enterprise investigate the Ferengi's attempt to change the Megaran civilization from hard-wrking and honorable people into vicious xenophobic killers and, in the process, find that the Ferengi are only acting as hired hands for hidden masters.

All Good Things...

Pocket Books - HC: 06/94 - PB: 04/95
Michael Jan Friedman

Novelization of: All Good Things... (Series Finale).


Pocket Books - HC: 07/94 - PB: 08/95
Peter David

Q comes to the Enterprise to ask Captain Picard's help in subduing a powerful, but unpredictable, member of the Q Continuum, Trelane -- the troublesome child-being known, about 80 years, earlier to Captain Kirk as the Squire of Gothos.

Foreign Foes

Pocket Books - PB: 08/94
Dave Galenter - Greg Brodeur

When the Enterprise is sent to the planet Velex to mediate a treaty between the Klingons and the Hidrans, the Hidran ambassador is assassinated, and Worf is charged with the murder and sentenced to death.


Pocket Books - PB: 10/94
Michael Jan Friedman - Kevin Ryan

As the Enterprise travels to the Gorn homeworld to conclude negotiations begun by Captain Picard 25 years before, Picard is hurtled through time by a mysterious alien artifact, and Riker must keep the Gorn summit from going awry and, at the same time, find Picard.


Pocket Books - HC: 11/94 - PB: 10/95
Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens

Captain Kirk and the Enterprise (NCC-1701) set out to rescue warp drive inventor from captors who want to use his skills to conquer the galaxy; meanwhile, 99 years in the future, Captain Picard and the Enterprise (NCC-1701D) set out to rescue a mysterious person whose safety is vital to the survival of the Federation. On their separate missions, the destinies of the two Enterprise crews soon begin to merge across the gulf of time.

Balance of Power

Pocket Books - PB: 12/94
Dafydd ab Hugh

The son of a deceased Federation scientist puts his father's inventions, including a photon pulse cannon, up for sale to the highest bidder; but the Ferengi kidnap Wesley Crusher from Starfleet Academy to use him as a pawn in their attempt to gain control of the cannon.

Star Trek: Generations

Pocket Books - HC: 12/94 - PB: 12/95
J.M. Dillard

Novelization of: Star Trek: Generations

Blaze of Glory

Pocket Books - PB: 03/95
Simon Hawke

The Enterprise is sent to K'Trall, a planet coming out from under the heels of barbarous suppression; but when the planet's emerging freedom is threatened by a rouge ship, Captain Picard puts his ship and its crew on the line to protect the planet's inhabitants.

The Romulan Stratagem

Pocket Books - PB: 05/95
Robert Greenberger

On a mission to the planet Eloh, on the Romulan/Klingon border, to negotiate Federation membership, Captain Picard and his diplomatic team find themselves face to face with their old Romulan enemy, Commander Sela, who is also there to convince the Elohsians to join the Romulan Empire.

Into the Nebula

Pocket Books - PB: 07/95
Gene DeWeese

While exploring an unknown region of space, the Enterprise encounters a strange nebular dust, which hides a planet where all plant and animal life is dying; but a series of explosions leads the crew to the conclusion that another civilization is causing the devastation on the planet, and Data must find a way to save the planet and his crewmates.

The Last Stand

Pocket Books - PB: 10/95
Brad Ferguson

In the middle of a routine mapping mission, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise encounter a culture on the verge of developing warp drive technology; but the planet is soon approached by spacecraft from an aggressive race that is intent on destroying this emerging civilization of billions.


Pocket Books - HC: 12/95 - PB: 11/96
Michael Jan Friedman

When Ambassador Spock and his unification followers are captured by the Romulans, Dr. Leonard McCoy joins Captain Picard and the Enterprise in an attempt to have them released; but unknown to them, Captain Montgomery Scott is preparing his own daring rescue of his former crewmate.

Dragon's Honor

Pocket Books - PB: 01/96
Kij Johnson - Greg Cox

As the isolated Dragon Empire prepares for the wedding of the Emperor's son and the daughter of his oldest enemy and then to join the Federation, the Enterprise must stop an alien race of conquerors who will do anything to keep the Dragon Empire from joining the Federation.

Rogue Saucer

Pocket Books - PB: 03/96
John Vornholt

While its own saucer section receives needed repairs, the Enterprise tests a new experimental saucer designed to survive a planetary crash landing; but the test turns even more dangerous when hostile forces seize control of the saucer and turn it against the Enterprise.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/96
J.M. Dillard - Kathleen O'Malley

On the eve of a galaxy-wide scientific expedition, containers holding bodiless entities that brought a plague of violence to Vulcan 80 years ago are opened, freeing the malevolent entities to possess the minds and bodies of everyone they encounter, including the crew of the Enterprise.


Pocket Books - HC: 07/96 - PB: 03/97
Michael Jan Friedman

When the discovery of ancient scrolls throughs the stories of Kahless's legendary past into doubt and threatens to tear the Klingon Empire apart, the clone of Kahless, who holds the title of "emperor," seeks the aid of the only persons he can trust, Captain Picard and Lt. Worf, to save the Empire from collapse.

Invasion Book 2: The Soldiers of Fear

Pocket Books - PB: 07/96
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The alien "Furies," fought off by Captain Kirk and the crew of the original starship Enterprise are back in even mightier warships and with the power to project fear into the minds of their foes; and Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D must face those fears to again defeat the evil invaders.


Pocket Books - PB: 09/96
W.R. Thompson

Captain Picard must enlist the help of an expatriate of a planet colonized by the followers of Khan Noonian Singh before they can capture the Enterprise to use as their weapon in a plan of galactic domination.

A Fury Scorned

Pocket Books - PB: 11/96
Pamela Sargeant - George Zebrowski

When the Enterprise finds itself helpless to save the 20 million inhabitants of a planet facing destruction by its sun, which is about to go nova, Data proposes a revolutionary scientific solution that will either save the planet or doom the Enteprise to destruction along with the planet.

First Contact

Pocket Books - HC: 12/96
J.M. Dillard

Novelization of: Star Trek: First Contact

The Death of Princes

Pocket Books - PB: 01/97
John Peel

The Enterprise finds itself simultaneously in the midst of crises on two different planets: on Buran, a mysterious disease is devastating the population, while on Iomides, a renegade Federation observer is intent on violating the Prime Directive by preventing a political assassination plot.


Pocket Books - PB: 04/97
Diane Duane

When the Enterprise and two other starships go to investigate the disappearance of several ships in the Great Rift that lies between the Sagittarius and Orion arms of the Galaxy, they find a menace of unimaginable power, and the only way to trap the entity if to use the Enterprise as bait.

New Frontier: Book 1 - House of Cards

Pocket Books - PB: 07/97
Peter David

When the Thallonian Empire collapses, throwing an entire star system into chaos, Starfleet sends the USS Excalibur, a newly-refitted Ambassador-class starship to help where it can and report what it finds.

New Frontier: Book 2 - Into the Void

Pocket Books - PB: 07/97
Peter David

The USS Excalibur, with Captain Mackenzie Calhoun in command and Commander Shelby as First Officer, sets out toward the Thallonian Empire; but Calhoun soon finds himself contending with an unexpected stowaway and a stormy relationship with his crew.

New Frontier: Book 3 - The Two-Front War

Pocket Books - PB: 08/97
Peter David

As the USS Excalibur attempts to rescue the Thallonian refugees aboard a stranded vessel, the starship is attacked by an unknown intruder; meanwhile, the Excalibut's Vulcan Dr. Selar learns of a shocking secret from her past.

New Frontier: Book 4 - End Game

Pocket Books - PB: 08/97
Peter David

As the Thallonian homeworld faces destruction, Captain Calhoun must face his own bloody past in a life-and-death struggle for survival and honor; meanwhile, Commander Shelby faces a difficult decision of her own.

Day of Honor: Book 1 - Ancient Blood

Pocket Books - PB: 09/97
Diane Carey

Worf finds his honor tested when he goes undercover to infiltrate a planetary criminal network; meanwhile, Worf's son, Alexander, searches for the true meaning of honor in his own human heritage.

Ship of the Line

Pocket Books - HC: 10/97
Diane Carey

As Captain Picard conducts high-level negotiations with the Cardassians for the release of Federation prisoners of war, a renegade Klingon commander captures the newly-commissioned USS Enterprise NCC-1701E and launches vicious attacks on Cardassia Prime.

To Storm Heaven

Pocket Books - PB: 12/97
esther Feisner

When the Enterprise is sent to provide assistant to a plague-ridden planet, they find themselves endangered on a sister-planet where political intrigue rules the day.

The Best and the Brightest

Pocket Books - PB: 02/98
Susan Wright

A new generation of Starfleet Academy cadets learn about courage, life, teamwork, and themselves as they face the final frontier together.

New Frontier: Book 5 - Martyr

Pocket Books - PB: 03/98
Peter David

When civil war threatens the planet Zondar, Captain Calhoun of the USS Excalibur finds himself being greeted by the planet's populace as a great savior; but he's soon captured by a rebel group that sees him as a blashpemer.

New Frontier: Book 6 - Fire on High

Pocket Books - PB: 04/98
Peter David

A lieutenant on the USS Excalibur, a woman held prisoner on the Thallonian homeworld, and a mysterious woman on the planet Armista who has control of a weapon that can kill an entire planet's population hold the key to the survival of billions.

Planet X

Pocket Books - PB: 05/98
Michael Jan Friedman

When inhabitants of the planet Xhaldia begin to mutate into creatures with extraordinary powers, the crew of the Enterprise and the mutant heroes known as the "X-Men" team up to save Xhaldia and the entire Federation.

The Captain's Table: Book 2 - Dujonian's Hoard

Pocket Books - PB: 06/98
Michael Jan Friedman

When a former Starfleet captain goes in search of a fabled treasure trove of priceless historical artifacts goes missing and is hunted by the Romulans and Cardassians, Captain Picard and Commander Worf go undercover to find and rescue the missing captain.

The Q Continuum: Book 1 - Q-Space

Pocket Books - PB: 08/98
Greg Cox

Enroute to the galactic barrier at the Galaxy's center to investigate a newly-discovered breach that may allow ships to pass, the Enterprise gets a visit from Q, who takes Captain Picard on a journey into the Q Continuum's history.

The Q Continuum: Book 2 - Q-Zone

Pocket Books - PB: 08/98
Greg Cox

Back in time to the beginning of the Q Continuum, Captain Picard and Q face a terrible enemy that threatens to destroy the future of the Galaxy.

The Q Continuum: Book 3 - Q-Strike

Pocket Books - PB: 09/98
Greg Cox

The galactic barrier has collapsed, and Captain Picard finds himself in the middle of a war between Q and his oldest enemy that could mean the end of the Federation and all mortal life in the galaxy.

Triangle: Imzadi II

Pocket Books - HC: 10/98
Peter David

The story of Counselor Troi's troubled romance with Lt. Commander Worf, whose destiny will eventually take him to space station Deep Space Nine and an ill-fated marriage to Jadzia Dax.

The Captain's Table: Book 5 - Once Burned

Pocket Books - PB: 10/98
Peter David

Captain Mackenzie Calhoun tells the story of how, before he was made Captain of the USS Excalibur, he was blamed for a disaster aboard the USS Grissom, which led to his angry resignation from Starfleet.

The Dominion War: Book 1 - Behind Enemy Lines

Pocket Books - PB: 11/98
John Vornholt

While patrolling the Cardassian border, Captain Picard and the Enterprise-E get a visit from Maquis rebel Ro Laren, who has news that the Dominion is trying to open an artificial wormhole to bypass the Bajoran wormhole, which was mined by Captain Sisko and the DS9 crew.

The Dominion War: Book 3 - Tunnel Through the Stars

Pocket Books - PB: 12/98
John Vornholt

Captain Picard takes the Enterprise-E deep behind enemy lines on a secret mission to stop the Dominion from creating an artificial wormhole that would allow Jem'Hadar reinforcements from the Gamma Quadrant from invading the Alpha Quadrant.
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