Star Trek TNG

Season Two


Episode Highlights

The Child

11/19/88 -- Stardate: 42073.1

An alien entity enters Troi's body and becomes a male baby, which is born and begins to grow at a fantastic rate.

Where Silence Has Lease

11/26/88 -- Stardate: 42193.6

An alien entity captures the Enterprise and begins a series of experiments to see how humans react to death.

Elementary, Dear Data

12/03/88 -- Stardate: 42286.3

In the guise of Sherlock Holmes, Data is faced with solving a holodeck mystery that could mean life or death for Dr. Pulaski.

The Outrageous Okona

12/10/88 -- Stardate: 42402.7

While Data tries to develop a sense of humor, the Enterprise encounters a renegade cargo ship captain who almost starts an interplanetary war.

Loud as a Whisper

01/07/89 -- Stardate: 42377.2

The Enterprise crew helps a universally renowned mediator overcome his hearing handicap while he is engaged in a mission to stop a planetary war.

The Schizoid Man

01/21/89 -- Stardate: 42437.5

A dying scientist implants his mind and personality into Data's android body, causing him to exhibit signs of split personality.

Unnatural Selection

01/28/89 -- Stardate: 42494.8

A disease carried by genetically created children stimulate the aging process in humans, killing the entire crew of a Federation cargo ship and infecting Dr. Pulaski.

A Matter of Honor

02/04/89 -- Stardate: 42506.5

While participating in an officer exchange program with a Klingon Bird of Prey, Riker finds himself accused of attempting to destroy the Klingon vessel and must act to stop a renewal of Federation/Klingon hostilities.

The Measure of a Man

02/11/89 -- Stardate: 42523.7

Captain Picard finds himself in court fighting to keep Starfleet from disassembling Data, with Riker forced to serve as prosecutor against Data.

The Dauphin

02/18/89 -- Stardate: 42568.8

Wesley falls in love with the young leader of a distant planet, but must tend to a broken heart when he finds out that she belongs to a non-humanoid race of shapeshifters.


03/18/89 -- Stardate: 42609.1

The Enterprise computer is infected with a deadly virus that destroyed her sister ship, the USS Yamato, and is likely to also destroy the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird in the Neutral Zone.

The Royale

03/25/89 -- Stardate: 42625.4

A novel belonging to a marooned 20th Century NASA astronaut was used by aliens as the basis for creating a hospitable place for the astronaut to live; but Riker, Worf, and Data become trapped in the Victorian hotel where the novel's story took place.

Time Squared

04/01/89 -- Stardate: 42679.2

Caught in a time vortex, a double of Captain Picard comes aboard the Enterprise, resulting in a time loop that will destroy the Enterprise if a way isn't found to break the cycle.

The Icarus Factor

04/22/89 -- Stardate: 42686.4

While preparing to leave the Enterprise to take command of another starship, Riker is forced to confront his estranged father and reconcile himself with his true wishes to remain aboard the Enterprise.

Pen Pals

04/29/89 -- Stardate: 42695.3

While an Enterprise team led by Wesley attempts to discover the reasons for a planet's geological instability, Data almost breaks the Prime Directive by communicating with a lonely alien girl on the planet.

Q Who

05/06/89 -- Stardate: 42761.3

The entity Q kidnaps Captain Picard and then sends the Enterprise to an uncharted sector of the Galaxy inhabited by the Borg in an attempt to force the crew to admit that they need Q's help.

Samaritan Snare

05/13/89 -- Stardate: 42779.1

While Wesley accompanies Captain Picard to a starbase for heart surgery, from which he nearly dies, La Forge is kidnapped by a group of mentally underdeveloped aliens who see him as their ticket to high technology weapons.

Up the Long Ladder

05/20/89 -- Stardate: 42823.2

When they respond to a distress call from a distant Earth colony, the Enteprise crew finds a race of clones, who take cells from Riker and Dr. Pulaski in an attempt to prevent their race's decay.


06/17/89 -- Stardate: 42859.2

The Enterprise is transporting Lwaxana Troi and delegates from Antede 3 to a Federation conference, when Lwaxana makes moves on Picard and Riker and later discovers that the Antedians are really assassins intent on disrupting the conference.

The Emissary

06/24/89 -- Stardate: 42901.3

A Klingon/Human emissary sent to the Enterprise to intercept and subdue an old Klingon battlecruiser with a war-hungry crew in suspended animation turns out to be a former lover of Worf.

Peak Performance

07/08/89 -- Stardate: 42923.4

The Enterprise and a derelict Constellation-class ship commanded by Riker engage in war games, but a passing Ferengi ship enters the picture at an unexpected moment.

Shades of Gray

07/15/89 -- Stardate: 42976.1

Riker is poisoned by an unknown plant on a swampy planet, and only by stimulating painful events in his memory can Dr. Pulaski make his body fight the poison threatening his life.
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