Star Trek TNG

Season Three


Episode Highlights


09/23/89 -- Stardate: 43125.3

The Enterprise assists Dr. Paul Stubbs in a research experiment, but when Wesley accidentally releases microscopic nanites, the ship is plagued by serious computer malfunctions and possible disaster.

The Ensigns of Command

09/30/89 -- Stardate: 43152.4

Data is sent to Tau Cygna Five to evacuate the human settlers there before the Sheliak, the alien rulers of the area, come to destroy them.

The Survivors

10/07/89 -- Stardate: 43173.5

The Enterprise finds only two survivors of the 11,000 inhabitants of Delta Rana IV, an old man and his wife, both of whom refuse to leave the planet.

Who Watchers the Watchers

10/14/89 -- Stardate: 43205.6

Riker and Troi masquerade as Mintakans, proto-Vulcanoids, in an attempt to find a missing Federation anthropologist.

The Bonding

10/21/89 -- Stardate: 43198.7

An archeologist is killed on an away mission, leaving behind a young son, who a powerful alien force on the planet wants to keep and raise.

Booby Trap

10/28/89 -- Stardate: 43205.6

When the Enterprise become ensnared in a 1,000-year old booby trap, La Forge recreates Leah Brahms, one of the Enterprise's designers, in the holodeck to help him find a way out of the trap.

The Enemy

11/04/89 -- Stardate: 43349.2

Marooned on Galdorndan Core with a Romulan crash survivor, La Forge and the Romulan must learn to put their differences aside in order to survive.

The Price

11/11/89 -- Stardate: 43385.6

The Enterprise plays host to the negotiations for the rights to the Barzan Wormhole, a fantastic new transportation corridor; but a Ferengi DaiMon has plans to sabotage the conference.

The Vengeance Factor

11/18/89 -- Stardate: 43421.9

The Enterprise attempts to assist in the cease-fire between the Acamarians and the Gatherers, who still harbor hatreds caused by a centuries-old blood feud.

The Defector

12/30/89 -- Stardate: 43462.5

The Enterprise plays host to a Romulan defector who insists that the Romulan Empire is preparing to wage a war to regain the Neutral Zone from the Federation.

The Hunted

01/06/90 -- Stardate: 43489.2

A genetically altered veteran of a planetary war, imprisoned by his government, escapes and brings his case to the Enterprise.

The High Ground

01/27/90 -- Stardate: 43510.7

On Rutia Four, Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by a group of terrorists waging a war for independence, and discovers that there is no right and wrong in the struggle.

Deja Q

02/03/90 -- Stardate: 43539.1

While the Enterprise is on a mission to rescue a planet from an incoming asteroid, Q returns, deprived of his powers and forced, by his own people, to live as a mortal.

A Matter of Perspective

02/10/90 -- Stardate: 43610.4

When the Tanuga Research Station mysteriously explodes, Riker is accused of its destruction, and the holodeck is used to recreate the events preceding the explosion from each witness's point of view.

Yesterday's Enterprise

02/17/90 -- Stardate: 43625.2

The previous Enterprise, NCC-1701C, emerges from a temporal rift and creates an alternate reality where the war-torn Federation is losing to the Klingons and Tasha Yar is still alive.

The Offspring

03/10/90 -- Stardate: 43657.0

Data creates an android child named Lal, whom he adopts as his own daughter; but Starfleet has its own designs on her for experimental purposes.

Sins of the Father

03/17/90 -- Stardate: 43685.2

Worf's long-lost brother joins him on a personal mission to the Klingon homeworld, where Worf must challenge a ruling that condemns his late father as a traitor to the Klingon race.


03/24/90 -- Stardate: 43714.1

Captain Picard is kidnapped by aliens who replace him with a duplicate, and while his comrades deal with their own feelings of loyalty toward their captain, the real Picard and three fellow captives attempt to escape.

Captain's Holiday

03/31/90 -- Stardate: 43745.2

Picard's holiday on Risa is interrupted by an enigmatic young woman and a self-assured Ferengi, both of whom are looking for a legendary treasure that is actually a weapon from the 27th Century.

Tin Man

04/21/90 -- Stardate: 43779.3

The Enteprise escorts a Betazoid named Elbrun to meet Tin Man, a new life form in a remote system, on which the Romulans have their own designs.

Hollow Pursuits

04/28/90 -- Stardate: 43807.4

While the Enterprise is stricken with a strange chemical affliction, an introverted crew member becomes addicted to the holodeck and tries to escape the pressures of reality.

The Most Toys

05/05/90 -- Stardate: 43872.2

Data is kidnapped by a ruthless alien trader named Fajo and made his prize possession in a collection of stolen artifacts.


05/12/90 -- Stardate: 43917.4

Sarek, the venerable Vulcan Ambassador, comes aboard the Enterprise for a meeting with the reclusive Legarans; but when an outbreak of sporadic violence is linked to Sarek, the truth about his health is revealed.


05/26/90 -- Stardate: 43930.7

While on shore leave on Betazed, Riker and Troi are kidnapped with Troi's mother by a Ferengi set on learning the truth about Betazoid telepathy.


06/02/90 -- Stardate: 43957.2

The Enterprise aids the lone survivor of a ship crash, an amnesiac with remarkable recuperative powers and whose cell mutation has something to do with his flight from his home planet.

The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)

06/16/90 -- Stardate: 43989.1

The Borg kidnap Captain Picard and turn him into Locutus, commander of the Borg attack on Earth.
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