Star Trek TNG

Season Six


Episode Highlights

Time's Arrow (Part 2)

09/19/92 -- Stardate: 46001.3

Stranded in the 19th Century, Picard and company try to find Data, who stumbled onto an alien plot to drain the life force from humans in order to keep themselves alive.

Realm of Fear

09/26/92 -- Stardate: 46041.1

Barclay's fear of the transporter becomes more terrifying when he encounters a strange alien while transporting back to the Enterprise from a marooned ship.

Man of the People

10/03/92 -- Stardate: 46071.6

An alien ambassador participating in peace negotiations projects his negative emotions to Troi in order to achieve a positive state of mind for his negotiating role.


10/10/92 -- Stardate: 46095

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, from the original starship Enterprise, is rescued from a transporter loop on a crashed freighter and helps the Enterprise escape from a nearby Dyson Sphere.


10/17/92 -- Stardate: 46154.2

When one of La Forge's experiments goes awry, the crew of the Enterprise is subjected to an alien presence that causes crew members to suffer mysterious emotional ailments and disappear from the ship.

True Q

10/24/92 -- Stardate: 46129.3

A young woman being transported by the Enterprise to Starfleet Academy begins to display unusual psychokinetic abilities, raising the curiosity of Q, who reveals that her parents were members of the Q Continuum.


10/31/92 -- Stardate: Unknown

Picard, Guinan, Ro, and Keiko O'Brien encounter a mysterious energy field while aboard a shuttlecraft, and when they beam back to the Enterprise from the disintegrating shuttlecraft, they arrive in the bodies of children.

A Fistful of Datas

11/07/92 -- Stardate: 46271.5

Worf and Troi accompany Alexander in a wild west holodeck adventure, but a power surge causes all of the holodeck bad guys to become replicas of Data.

The Quality of Life

11/14/92 -- Stardate: 46307.2

Data finds new friends -- mining robots developed by an engineer on Tayra -- which Data believes have achieved sentient life.

Chain of Command (Part 1)

12/12/92 -- Stardate: 46357.4

Captain Picard, Worf, and Dr. Crusher are sent on a dangerous secret mission to stop a Cardassian plot to unleash biological weapons on the Federation.

Chain of Command (Part 2)

12/19/92 -- Stardate: 46357.5

While Riker contends with the strict Captain Jellico, who has replaced Picard on the Enterprise, Picard, Worf and Dr. Crusher discover that the supposed Cardassian plot is really a trap to capture Picard, who they subject to brutal torture.

Ship in a Bottle

01/23/93 -- Stardate: 46424.1

While running a diagnostic check on the holodeck, Barclay accidentally calls up the image of Sherlock Holmes's archrival, Moriarity, who has long been abandoned in the holodeck memory and now proceeds to walk right out of the holodeck.


01/30/93 -- Stardate: 46461.3

While the Enterprise is investigating the disappearance of a crew member of a Federation relay station, La Forge encounters a beautiful young lieutenant named Aquiel and a deadly creature posing as her pet dog.

Face of the Enemy

02/06/93 -- Stardate: 46519.1

Deanna Troi finds herself an unwilling spy aboard a Romulan Warbird on a mission to deliver a defecting member of the Romulan Senate to the Enterprise.


02/13/93 -- Stardate: Unknown

Captain Picard dies from a power surge that stops his mechanical heart, and Q gives him the opportunity to relive and change key events in his life that resulted in him having the mechanical heart.

Birthright (Part 1)

02/20/93 -- Stardate: 46578.4

Worf sets off to search for his presumed-dead father on a Romulan prison planet, while Data explores unexplained mental visions of Dr. Soong.

Birthright (Part 2)

02/27/93 -- Stardate: 46659.2

Worf's search for his father leads him to a colony where the Klingon survivors of the Kithomer massacre are living in peace with their Romulan overseers.

Starship Mine

03/27/93 -- Stardate: 46682.4

While the Enterprise is at a repair station completely unmanned, terrorists sneak aboard to steal trilithium from the ship's engine cores to use in making a bomb, and Picard is the only one who can stop them.


04/03/93 -- Stardate: 46693.1

Captain Picard is torn between his love for a new member of the Enterprise crew and his duty to assign her to a potentially fatal mission.

The Chase

04/24/93 -- Stardate: 46731.5

Picard and the Enterprise race the Cardassians, Romulans, and Klingons to uncover the secret of a 4 billion year old genetic puzzle discovered by Picard's mentor, Professor Galen.

Frame of Mind

05/01/93 -- Stardate: 46778.1

While participating in a play about an insane man, Riker suddenly finds himself in the Telonius Institute for the Mentally Ill.


05/08/93 -- Stardate: 46830.1

Dr. Crusher faces courtmartial when she encourages a Ferengi scientist's experiments in a new type of shield technology and the Ferengi is later found dead.

Rightful Heir

05/15/93 -- Stardate: 46852.2

Worf discovers that Kahless the Unforgettable is still alive, and Worf must help him regain his place on the throne of the Klingon Empire, even at Gowron's expense.

Second Chances

05/22/93 -- Stardate: 46900.0

An away team discovers a second William Riker on a distant planet, and Commander Riker of the Enterprise and Lt. Riker of the Potemkin must contend with the fact that the duplicate was created by a transporter accident 8 years earlier.


06/12/93 -- Stardate: 46944.2

Returning from a conference in a runabout, Picard, Data, Troi, and La Forge find the Enterprise frozen in time in the midst of a battle with a Romulan Warbird.

Descent (Part 1)

06/19/93 -- Stardate: 46982.1

The Borg are back, but with the human emotion of hatred; and, with Lore as their leader, they enlist Data in their plan to destroy the Federation.
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