Star Trek TNG

Season Seven


Episode Highlights

Descent (Part 2)

09/18/93 -- Stardate: 47025.4

As Dr. Crusher, in temporary command of the Enterprise, tries to escape from the Borg vessel, Hugh, the Borg who was rescued by the Enterprise a year earlier, comes to the rescue of Data and the other Enterprise officers.


09/25/93 -- Stardate: Unknown

Three representatives of a recently encountered race come aboard the Enterprise on a diplomatic exchange mission; but while travelling to their homeworld, Picard's shuttlecraft crashes on a deserted planet where he finds a mysterious young woman.


10/02/93 -- Stardate: 47215.5

While using an experimental neural interface probe to recover the bodies of the crew of a research ship trapped in the lower atmosphere of a giant gas planet, La Forge sees the image of his mother, whose starship has been reported missing in action.

Gambit (Part 1)

10/09/93 -- Stardate: 47135.2

While searching for the missing Captain Picard, Riker is captured by a band of mercinaries and finds that Picard is now a member of the mercinary group.

Gambit (Part 2)

10/16/93 -- Stardate: 47160.1

Picard and Riker team up to outsmart the mercinaries and keep an ancient Vulcan mind weapon from falling into the hands of a band of Vulcan isolationists.


10/23/93 -- Stardate: 47225.7

Data's strange dreams are the key to discovering and eradicating parasitic creatures that are threatening to kill the crew and destroy the Enterprise.

Dark Page

10/30/93 -- Stardate: 47254.1

Contact with a newly encountered telepathic race triggers in Lwaxana Troi memories of a tragedy that she has kept hidden from Deanna for over 30 years.


11/06/93 -- Stardate: 47304.2

Beaming down to a planet seeking Federation membership, Picard and Dr. Crusher are captured by an opposition group and mentally linked to each other by brain implants.

Force of Nature

11/13/93 -- Stardate: 47310.2

While the Enterprise is searching for a missing medical transport ship in an unstable corridor in space, scientists from a nearby planet reveal that warp drives are destroying the fabric of the space-time continuum.


11/20/93 -- Stardate: 47410.2

Data faces a tough decision when he discovers that his mother, Dr. Soong's wife, is really an android that Soong built after his real wife was killed by the crystalline entity.


11/27/93 -- Stardate: 47391.2

A rift in the space-time continuum causes Worf to shift between many alternate universes, and he must engage the help of an alternate Enterprise crew to return to his own universe.

The Pegasus

01/09/94 -- Stardate: 47457.1

Commander Riker's first commanding officer, now an admiral, comes aboard the Enterprise to find and salvage a secret experimental device that had caused the destruction of his ship, the Pegasus, 12 years earlier.


01/16/94 -- Stardate: 47423.9

Worf's foster brother, Nikolai, violates the Prime Directive by beaming the survivors of a dying planet into a holodeck simulation of their planet, in a plan to transport them to a new planet.

Sub Rosa

01/30/94 -- Stardate: Unknown

A mysterious man begins to haunt Dr. Crusher after her grandmother's death, convincing her to resign her commission in Starfleet and join him on the terraformed planet where her grandmother lived.

Lower Decks

02/06/94 -- Stardate: 47566.7

Four junior officers who are up for promotion vie for their superiors' attention, and one of the officer, a young Bajoran woman who was involved 2 years earlier in the coverup of a training accident at Starfleet Academy that also involved Welsey Crusher, risks her life by volunteering for a dangerous mission to return a Cardassian operative to Cardassian space.

Thine Own Self

02/13/94 -- Stardate: 47611.2

Sent to a primitive planet to recover a radioactive probe that crashed there, Data suffers amnesia and is accused by the planet's inhabitants of infecting them with a plague when they begin to suffer from radiation sickness.


02/20/94 -- Stardate: 47615.2

The Enterprise discovers an abandoned vessel, from an 87 million year old civilization, that begins to place multiple personalities from the civilization's mythology into Data's mind and transform the ship into a recreations of the civilization's mythological temple.

Eye of the Beholder

02/27/94 -- Stardate: 47623.2

Investigating the suicide of a crew member, Worf and Troi discover a growing passion for each other and evidence that a murder took place on the Enterprise while she was being constructed.


03/20/94 -- Stardate: 47653.2

While Picard and Data are away from the Enterprise tracking down an errant photon torpedo, a mutant virus aboard the Enterprise transforms the crew into a variety of primitive lifeforms from their respective planets of origin.

Journey's End

03/27/94 -- Stardate: 47751.2

The Enterprise is ordered to relocate a colony of American Indians from a planet in a newly created Federation-Cardassian demilitarized zone; and Wesley Crusher, who is on vacation from Starfleet Academy, is assisted by the Traveller in making a crucial decision about the future course of his life.

First Born

04/24/94 -- Stardate: 47779.4

Alexander travels from 40 years in the future to try to convince his younger self of the importance of becoming a warrior able to protect his family's honor and his father Worf's life.


05/01/94 -- Stardate: 47829.1

The Ferengi Daimon Bok threatens to kill the 24-year old son Picard did not know he had in revenge for the death of Bok's son at the Battle of Maxia, when Picard destroyed an attacking Ferengi ship.


05/08/94 -- Stardate: 47869.2

After weathering a magniscopic storm, the Enterprise's holodeck computer begins to develop artificial intelligence and takes over control of the ship, putting the entire crew's lives in jeopardy.

Preemptive Strike

05/15/94 -- Stardate: 47941.7

Lt. Ro Laren is sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Maquis, but finds that she must choose between her loyalties to Starfleet and Captain Picard and her sympathies for the Maquis.

All Good Things... (2-Hour Finale)

05/22/94 -- Stardate: 47988.1

Captain Picards finds himself repeatedly transported between three time periods -- 7 years in the past, the present, and 25 years in the future -- and when Q appears and informs Picard thathe will cause the total destruction of mankind, Picard uses his experiences in the three time periods to investigate and close an anti-time anomaly that appears to be related to his time shifts.
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