Star Trek TNG

Season Four


Episode Highlights

The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2)

09/22/90 -- Stardate: 44001.4

After its secret weapon is defeated, the Enterprise follows the Borg to Earth, where they first decimate half of Starfleet and then aim their sights on assimilating the human race.


09/29/90 -- Stardate: 44012.3

While the Enterprise undergoes repairs following the Borg incident, Picard visits his home village in France, Worf's human adopted parents attempt to understand their son's frustrations, and Wesley receives a holomessage from his long dead father.


10/06/90 -- Stardate: 44085.7

While the Enterprise is engaged in a vital medical mission, Data, under control of his presumed-dead creater, Dr. Soong, hijacks the ship and takes it to the planet where Dr. Soong is hiding out; and to both of their suprise, Lore also shows up.

Suddenly Human

10/13/90 -- Stardate: 44143.7

The Enterprise discovers a battered Talarian freighter with five boys, one of whom is lost human Jeremiah Rossa, who has been adopted and raised by the Talarian commander.

Remember Me

10/20/90 -- Stardate: 44161.2

When Wesley experiments with the Kosinski theorems, Dr. Crusher is catapulted into a shrinking alternate universe created from her thoughts, and only Wesley and the Traveler can save her.


10/27/90 -- Stardate: 44215.2

The Enterprise travels to Turkana Four, birthplace of Tasha Yar, to rescue two marooned Federation officers, and finds a bitter power struggle, with Tasha's sister, Ishara, at the center.


11/03/90 -- Stardate: 44246.3

Picard is chosen to fulfill the dying wish of the Klingon High Counsel -- to discover which of his two potential successors has been poisoning him; meanwhile K'Ehleyr brings her son to the Enterprise to meet his father, Worf.

Future Imperfect

11/10/90 -- Stardate: 44286.5

After Riker loses consciousness on a failed away team mission, he wakes up to discover he is on the Enterprise 16 years in the future and directly involved in negotiating a peace accord with the Romulans.

Final Mission

11/17/90 -- Stardate: 44307.3

Before going to the Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a mission to Pentarus Five; but when their shuttlecraft crash lands on a desert planet, Wesley is suddenly responsible for saving the captain's life.

The Loss

12/29/90 -- Stardate: 44356.9

When the Enterprise is caught in the migration path of two-dimensional life forms, Troi mysteriously loses her Betazoid empathic powers.

Data's Day

01/05/91 -- Stardate: 44390.1

Data examines his inner self in the midst of a most uncommon day in the life of the Enterprise, as Chief O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa prepare for their wedding and a Vulcan ambassador is taken to the edge of the Romulan Empire.

The Wounded

01/26/91 -- Stardate: 44429.6

Picard is given the difficult task of stopping Captain Maxwell and the USS Phoenix from completing his highly destructive personal crusade against the Cardassians, former enemies of the Federation.

Devil's Due

02/02/91 -- Stardate: 44474.5

The Enterprise comes to the aid of the Ventaxians, people who have bartered away their future to the devil, in the form of the woman Ardra, in return for 1,000 years of peace.


02/09/91 -- Stardate: 44502.7

While investigating a distant planet, the crew blacks out for 24 hours and, in an effort to investigate the reason, Picard discovers that Data may be lying to him.

First Contact

02/16/91 -- Stardate: Unknown

During a critical first contact mission, Riker is badly injured, leading Picard into a dangerous game of deceit to win Riker's freedom and bring an isolated planet into the Federation.

Galaxy's Child

03/09/91 -- Stardate: 44614.6

While the Enterprise assists in the birth of a new life form, La Forge comes face to face with the real Leah Brahms, a replica of whom he once created in the holodeck.

Night Terrors

03/16/91 -- Stardate: 44631.2

After discovering the USS Brittain adrift with all but one member of its crew dead, the Enterprise is stranded in a tear in space, and the crew begins to go mad because of dream deprivation.

Identity Crisis

03/23/91 -- Stardate: 44664.5

While the Enterprise is on course to a planet where La Forge and longtime friend Leitjen visited 5 years before, they begin to metamorph into invisible creatures.

The Nth Degree

03/30/91 -- Stardate: 44704.3

After being exposed to an alien probe, Barclay's intelligence is increased exponentially, and he takes over the Enterprise computer and sends the ship through a wormhole to another part of the Galaxy.


04/20/91 -- Stardate: 44741.9

During an archeological conference on the Enterprise, Q shows up and transforms Picard into Robin Hood, Vash into Maid Marion, and the bridge crew into the Merry Men.

The Drumhead

04/27/91 -- Stardate: 44769.2

After a Klingon exchange officer is accused of treason, Federation legal expert Admiral Nora Satie comes to the Enterprise to investigate a possible conspiracy.

Half a Life

05/04/91 -- Stardate: 44805.2

Lwaxana Troi falls for a Kaelon scientist who is on board the Enterprise to aid his people in a research experiment, and whose society demands that, upon reaching his imminent 60th birthday, he commit ritual suicide.

The Host

05/11/91 -- Stardate: 44821.3

An alien ambassador, whom Dr. Crusher has fallen for, is suddenly revealed to be a symbiotic creature; and when the host dies, the only alternative is for the alien creature to be temporarily placed in Riker's body.

The Mind's Eye

05/25/91 -- Stardate: 44885.5

While enroute to Risa, La Forge is kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a Romulan assassin in a plot to kill the Klingon governor of Krios and blame it on the Federation.

In Theory

06/01/91 -- Stardate: 44932.3

A young Enterprise engineer on the rebound from a failed relationship warms up to Data, leading the android on a voyage of self-discovery as he draws closer to her.

Redemption (Part 1)

06/15/91 -- Stardate: 44995.3

Picard journeys to the Klingon homeworld in his role as arbiter to Gowron's ascension to the throne, while Worf and his brother Kurn act to restore their father's name from charges of treason.
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