Star Trek TNG

Season Five


Episode Highlights

Redemption (Part 2)

09/21/91 -- Stardate: 45020.4

A Klingon civil war between supporters of Gowron and the Duras family rages on, and Picard suspects that Romulans are supplying the forces loyal to Duras.


09/28/91 -- Stardate: 45047.2

The captain of a Tomarian ship transports himself and Picard to a nearby planet, where they face a terrible beast together, thus forming a bond that may lead to future friendly contacts between the two races.

Ensign Ro

10/05/91 -- Stardate: 45076.3

Assigned to the Enterprise to help locate a Bajoran terrorist group accused of destroying the Federation colony on Solarian IV, the rebellious Ensign Ro Laren helps Picard discover that it is really the Cardassians who attacked Solarian IV.

Silicon Avatar

10/12/91 -- Stardate: 45122.3

After the crystalline entity attacks the colony on Molona IV, a Federation scientist, whose son was killed by a previous attack by the entity, comes aboard the Enterprise to investigate the entity.


10/19/91 -- Stardate: 45208.2

The Enterprise strikes a guantuum filament, thus causing catastrophic damage to all ship's systems and wide-spread injuries among the crew.

The Game

10/26/91 -- Stardate: 45233.1

Riker brings aboard the Enterprise an electronic game that unknowingly causes the player to become addicted to the game and subject to mind control.

Unification (Part 1)

11/02/91 -- Stardate: 45245.8

Vulcan Ambassador Spock disappears on a secret mission to the Romulan homeworld, and Picard and Data go to Romulus to try to find him.

Unification (Part 2)

11/09/91 -- Stardate: 45245.9

Spock reveals to Picard and Data that he is on a personal mission to attempt the reunification of the Romulan and Vulcan races; but the Romulans, led by Tasha Yar's daughter Sela, have other plans for the Vulcans.

A Matter of Time

11/16/91 -- Stardate: 45349.1

A historian, claims to have travel in time from the 27th Century to do first-hand research on the Enterprise and its crew; but the time traveler's true intentions are not so honorable.

New Ground

01/04/92 -- Stardate: 45376.3

As the Enterprise participates in experiments to propel ships at warp speed by waves generated on a planet, Worf deals with taking on the role of being a father to Alexander.

Hero Worship

01/25/92 -- Stardate: 45397.3

A young boy, who blames himself for an accident that destroyed a starship, is brought aboard the Enterprise and begins to emulate the emotionless Data in order to repress his own troubled emotions.


02/01/92 -- Stardate: 45429.3

Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher experience strong, frightening memories, which cause them to collapse into comas; and it is later found that they were mentally raped by a telepathic guest on the Enterprise.

The Masterpiece Society

02/08/92 -- Stardate: 45470.1

A core fragment is on a collision course with a closed, genetically-engineered colony, and contacts between the Enterprise crew and the colonists result in changes to the colony's way of life.


02/15/92 -- Stardate: 45494.2

A beam from a mysterious ship scans the Enterprise, causing amnesia among the entire crew, and they are led to believe, by a spy aboard the ship, that they are at war with the Lisians.

Power Play

02/22/92 -- Stardate: 45571.2

After a shuttlecraft crashes on a primitive planet, the bodies of Troi, Data, and O'Brien are taken over by evil energy beings from a penal colony.


02/29/92 -- Stardate: 45587.3

Worf's spine is broken in an accident, and his only options are life as a praplegic, an unproven regenerative procedure, or ritual suicide.

The Outcast

03/14/92 -- Stardate: 45614.6

Riker falls for a member of a race of nonsexual aliens, whose members are ostracized and subjected to brainwashing if they exhibit any sexual tendencies.

Cause and Effect

03/21/92 -- Stardate: 45652.1

A starship from the 23rd Century emerges from a timewarp, causing the Enterprise and her crew to be caught in a continuous time loop that ends with the Enterprise's destruction.

The First Duty

04/18/92 -- Stardate: 45703.9

Picard and Dr. Crusher travel to Starfleet Academy, where Wesley has gotten involved in the coverup of a fatal accident caused by his group's desire to impress the student body with their piloting skills.

Cost of Living

04/25/92 -- Stardate: 45733.6

Lwaxana Troi is on board the Enterprise to get married in a traditional Betazoid ceremony, and seeks to take responsibility for caring for Worf's son, Alexander.

The Perfect Mate

05/02/92 -- Stardate: 45761.3

Kamala, a beautiful, genetically-engineered woman, is being taken by the Enterprise to a planet where she is to be married, but Kamala's beauty overwhelms the male members of the crew.

Imaginary Friend

05/09/92 -- Stardate: 45852.1

A little girl named Clara, whose Starfleet father is a workaholic, seeks the comfort of an imaginary friend, who turns out to be a real, invisible alien.

I, Borg

05/16/92 -- Stardate: 45854.2

The Enterprise finds a crashed Borg surveillance craft with one survivor; and while La Forge tries to help him rediscover his humanity, Picard and Guinan must confront their own feelings about the Borg.

The Next Phase

05/23/92 -- Stardate: 45984.3

La Forge and Ensign Ro are turned invisible by a transporter accident related to a Romulan experiment to develop a new cloaking device.

The Inner Light

05/30/92 -- Stardate: 45944.1

Picard is knocked out by an alien probe and lives, in his mind, an alternate life on a distant planet threatened by extinction.

Time's Arrow (Part 1)

06/06/92 -- Stardate: 45959.1

After finding what appears to be a 500-year old head of an android like Data, Picard and company time travel to 19th Century San Francisco to investigate.
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