Star Trek TAS

Season Two

Episode Highlights

The Pirates of Orion

09/07/74 -- Stardate: 6334.1

Spock contracts a disease that is fatal to Vulcans, and Orion pirates make it difficult for the Enteprise to rendezvous with a freighter that is carrying the only known antidote.


09/14/74 -- Stardate: 7403.6

On a series of exploratory missions with Bem, a Pandroan representative, the Enterprise encounters a planet of primitive natives under the guardianship of an advanced race; but Bem tries to put the Enterprise crew to a test of loyalty to his planet and in so doing, causes problems with the guardian race.

Practical Joker

09/21/74 -- Stardate: 3183.3

While trying to escape from three Romulan warships, the Enterprise passes through a gaseous cloud that affects the Enterprise's computer and turns it into a dangerous practical joker.


09/28/74 -- Stardate: 5275.6

Returning to a planet where McCoy headed a mass-innoculation program against Saurian virus 19 years earlier, the Enterprise crew find that McCoy is wanted for starting a plague that killed most of the planet's population after that earlier visit.

How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

10/05/74 -- Stardate: 6063.4

The Enterprise encounters a ship in the shape of a winged serpent, which turns out to be Kukulkan, a god of ancient Mayan-Aztec legend, who wants the humans to worship him as the Mayans and Aztecs did.

The Counter-Clock Incident

10/12/74 -- Stardate: 6770.3

While transporting Commodore Robert April, the Enterprise's first captain, and his wife to Babel, the Enterprise plunges through a nova and into an alternate universe where everything is backwards, and the crew begins to grow younger at an accelerated rate.