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Pocket Books - PB: 02/93
J.M. Dillard

Novelization of: Emissary.

The Siege

Pocket Books - PB: 05/93
Peter David

When Deep Space 9 is forced to curtail entry into the wormhole because of increased graviton emissions, Commander Sisko and Odo find themselves under siege by a ruthless assassin.


Pocket Books - PB: 08/93
K.W. Jeter

While the Deep Space 9 crew begins to set up a Federation station on the other side of the wormhole to counter a Cardassian presence, a fanatic Bajoran from Kira's past pits her in a life and death struggle.

The Big Game

Pocket Books - PB: 11/93
Sandy Schofield

Members of almost every known sentient race show up on Deep Space 9 for a poker tournament being held by Quark; but the murder of one of the players raises the stakes for everyone aboard the station.

Fallen Heroes

Pocket Books - PB: 02/94
Dafydd ab Hugh

A troop of alien warriors attacks Deep Space Nine, demanding the release of a comrade who they believe is imprisoned on the station; meanwhile, a device from the Gamma Quadrant shifts Odo and Quark 3 days into the future.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/94
Lois Tilton

Ambassadors from all over the Federation assemble on Deep Space Nine for a conference on Bajor's future; but the situation soon becomes grave for Commander Sisko when terrorists start attacking the station and a new Cardassian commander arrives, demanding that Deep Space Nine be returned to the Cardassians.


Pocket Books - PB: 09/94
Esther Friesner

A message left behind by Kai Opaka sends Commander Sisko on a mission to find a Bajoran girl destined to be a great healer for the Bajoran people; but when she contracts a rare disease killing Baor's children, only Dr. Bashir can save her.

The Search

Pocket Books - PB: 10/94
Diane Carey

Novelization of: The Search (Parts 1 and 2)


Pocket Books - PB: 11/94
John Vornholt

Terrorists hijack a shipment of antimatter on its way to Bajor for a new starship engine to be built for the Federation and,as Commander Sisko travels to the Gamma Quadrant in pursuit of the terrorists, Major Kira must try to mediate a dispute between opposing political factions on Bajor who do not agree about the starship project.

Proud Helios

Pocket Books - PB: 02/95
Melissa Scott

A cloaked ship has been raiding Federation and Cardassian shipping near the Wormhole, and Commander Sisko and Gul Dukat team up to find and capture the raiders; but Dukat has ulterior motives to gain a victory over the Federation.


Pocket Books - HC: 03/95 - PB: 04/96
K.W. Jeter

As political tensions again begin to rise on Bajor and a series of murders on Deep Space Nine has everyone shaken, Commander Sisko and Odo find themselves confronted with a new type of holosuite technology that affects the minds of its users and is at the root of the problems that have arisen.


Pocket Books - PB: 04/95
Nathan Archer

Tensions rise when an alien ship with valuable Gamma Quadrant technology comes through the Wormhole and the Cardassians demand that the ship be turned over to them; but the alien ship soon turns out to be a bigger threat to Deep Space Nine than the Cardassians.

Devil in the Sky

Pocket Books - PB: 06/95
Greg Cox - John Gregory Betancourt

When Cardassian raiders abduct a mother Horta being transported to Bajor to help rehabilitate its mining industry, the Horta hatchlings are accidentally let loose on Deep Space Nine and they begin to ravenously consume the station itself.

The Laertian Gamble

Pocket Books - PB: 09/95
Robert Sheckly

When Dr. Bashir agrees to represent a beautiful woman from the Gamma Quadrant at Quark's dado table, he doesn't realize that he has become the pawn in a power struggle that could cause the destruction of Deep Space Nine.

The Way of the Warrior

Pocket Books - PB: 10/95
Diane Carey

Novelization of: The Way of the Warrior

Station Rage

Pocket Books - PB: 11/95
Diane Carey

When ancient Cardassian warriors are accidentally awakened from stasis in a hidden compartment on Deep Space Nine, they soon begin plotting to take over the station and use it to eventually regain control of the Cardassian Empire.

The Long Night

Pocket Books - PB: 02/96
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

When Quark discovers the lost treasures of the former Supreme Ruler of the planet Jibet, which includes the Supreme Ruler himself in cryogenic suspension, unrest erupts on Jibet, which launches an armada against Deep Space Nine.


Pocket Books - PB: 05/96
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

During crucial negotiations on Deep Space Nine, Klingon High Counsel Gowron shares with Captain Sisko the story of a young Klingon warrior's quest for honor. [Based on the CD-ROM game of the same name.]


Pocket Books - PB: 06/96
John Peel

When a vast biological starship, known as the Hive, containing billions of alien beings who feed off of the raw material found in planets target Bajor, the planet's inhabitants are given three days to exacuate or die with their homeworld.

Invasion Book 3: Time's Enemy

Pocket Books - PB: 08/96
L.A. Graf

When Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine find a version of the Defiant frozen in a 5,000-year old cloud of cometary debris, they are confronted with trying to find out how their ship was taken into the distant past and whether an ancient enemy, the "Furies," are ready to attack the Alpha Quadrant again.

The Heart of the Warrior

Pocket Books - PB: 10/96
John Gregory Betancourt

While a crucial peace conference is underway at Deep Space Nine, Worf and Kira set out on a dangerous mission into the Gamma Quadrant to learn the secret of the addictive "white" that the Founders use to control their Jem'Hadar warriors.


Pocket Books - PB: 10/96
Michael Jan Friedman

Captain Sisko lost his wife when the Borg destroyed the USS Saratoga at Wolf 359 and now, while transporting the Saratoga's survivors to a Starfleet ceremony, a sabotuer aboard the Defiant puts them all at risk.

Trials and Tribble-ations

Pocket Books - PB: 12/96
Diane Carey

Novelization of: Trials and Tribble-ations

The Tempest

Pocket Books - PB: 02/97
Susan Wright

When a dangerous plasma storm strikes the entire Bajoran system, Worf and Odo find themselves struggling to keep peace and order on Deep Space Nine; meanwhile Dax and Keiko O'Brien find themselves flying a shuttle into the heart of the storm.

Wrath of the Prophets

Pocket Books - PB: 05/97
Peter David - Michael Jan Friedman - Robert Greenberger

When a deadly plague begins to ravage Bajor, Captain Sisko must accept assistance from Starfleet officer-turn Maquis rebel Ro Laren, who, with Major Kira, try to track down the source of the disease.

Day of Honor: Book 2 - Armageddon Sky

Pocket Books - PB: 09/97
L.A. Graf

Sent on a secret mission, Worf and the crew of the Defiant find themselves trapped, along with Klingons exiled for their loyalty to the House of Mogh, on an alien world threatened by global cataclysm.

Trial by Error

Pocket Books - PB: 11/97
Mark Garland

Quark almost starts an interstellar war when his plan to trade trellium crystals from the Gamma Quadrant for gold-pressed latinum is opposed by three alien races, not to mention the Klingons and the Ferengi.


Pocket Books - PB: 02/98
Dafydd ab Hugh

When Captain Sisko goes on a mission into the Gamma Quadrant to check on rumors of a secret alliance between the Dominion and the Klingon Empire, Deep Space Nine comes under attack from an elite Klingon task force led by Worf's oldest friend and his brother.

Far Beyond the Stars

Pocket Books - PB: 04/98
Steve Barnes

Novelization of: Far Beyond the Stars

The Captain's Table: Book 3 - The Mist

Pocket Books - PB: 07/98
Dean Wesley Smith - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Klingons, Cardassians, and Ferengi will stop at nothing to obtain a mysterious cloaking device, and Captain Sisko finds himself in the middle of a struggle that could change the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

The Dominion War: Book 2 - Call to Arms

Pocket Books - PB: 11/98
Diane Carey

Banished from Deep Space Nine by the combined Dominion/Cardassian fleet, Captain Sisko mounts an offensive to retake the station. Novelization of: Call to Arms, A Time to Stand, Sons and Daughters, Rocks and Shoals, Favor the Bold, and Sacrifice of Angels.

The Dominion War: Book 2 - Sacrifice of Angels

Pocket Books - PB: 12/98
Diane Carey

Novelization of: Call to Arms, A Time to Stand, Sons and Daughters, Rocks and Shoals, Behind the Lines, Favor the Bold, and Sacrifice of Angels.
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