Season Number: 4 Production (Airing) Number: 495 (95)
Guest Stars: Ellen Wheeler - Ekoria
Dylan Haggerty - Epran
Michael Sarrazin - Trevean
Director: René Auberjonois
Writing: Naren Shankar
Summary: While traveling in the Gamma quadrant, Kira, Dax, and Bashir respond to an automated distress call from a planet that the Jem'Hadar destroyed 200 hundred years ago. The attackers contaminated the inhabitants with a terminal disease that is passed on from generation to generation. The disease is called the Blight and when the afflicted is near death - called "The Quickening" - the disease becomes extremely painful. Bashir and Dax transport to the planet's surface to help find a cure but are hindered because of lack of trust by the inhabitant's of the planet. Bashir and Dax must not only win the trust of the people but also discover a cure to save the planet.
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