Season Number: 5 Production (Airing) Number: 505 (105)
Guest Stars: Vanessa Williams - Arandis
Monte Markham - Pascal Fullerton
Chase Masterson - Leeta
Frank Kopyc - Bolian Aide
Director: René Auberjonois
Writing: Robert Hewitt Wolfe & Ira Steven Behr
Summary: Dax, Worf, Bashir, Quark and Leeta travel to Risa for vacation to revel in the resort's sensual lifestyle. On the pleasure planet, Worf and Dax confront their deepening feelings for each other, and Worf grows jealous of Dax's relationship with Arandis. Worf learns that the Temtibi Lagoon's "social director," Arandis, is a former lover of Curzon Dax. Upset by Risa's sybaritic lifestyle, Worf joins a puritanical group called the Essentialists who condemn the hedonism on Risa and attempt to close down the resort. Once Worf realizes the group's secret ans to destroy Risa with a massive earthquake, he must resist these extremists and save the planet.
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