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Gries, John

The Pretender

     TV Series

            Indy Show (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            F/X (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Hazards (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Collateral Damage (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Nip and Tuck (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Over the Edge (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Over the Edge (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Scott Free (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Back From the Dead Again (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            The Dragon House (two parts - 21,22) (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Baby Love (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Jarod's Honor (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Unhappy Landings (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Keys (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Under the Reds (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Jaroldo (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Ranger Jarod (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Bazooka Jarod (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            Potato Head Blues (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)
            To Serve and Protect (Broots)(GUEST APPEARANCE)