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Earth 2

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Episode Data for
Brave New Pacifica
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 15 )

(Day ?) When two Grendlers show up at the colonists' camp with blood and other supplies from the supply pods that are awaiting them at New Pacifica, Danzinger and Alonzo set out to scout ahead, believing that they must be closer to New Pacifica than originally thought. But Devon and Julia find a cave, used by the Grendlers, which contains some kind of natural transport portal. A Grendler first abducts Julia and takes her through the portal to its cave, where it demands that she supply it with more blood. Meanwhile, Devon, Danzinger, and Alonzo follow through the portal to try to find and rescue Julia. They find themselves on a continental shore and believe they have reached the vicinity of New Pacifica, but they later realize that they are actually on the opposite continental coast from New Pacifica -- 6,000 km in the wrong direction. After they find Julia and try to return, the portal stops functioning and spiders that have been biting both the Grendlers and several of the colonists hold the key to reactivating the portal.

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