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Earth 2

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Episode Data for
Moon Cross
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 10 )
Day 61  

(Day 61) As winter approaches and the colonists search for a place to camp until warmer weather, Ulysses mysteriously guides them to a domed shelter. Once there, the spirit of a woman haunt the dome and Alonzo has dream contacts with the Terrians. It is an important time of year for the Terrians when, at the crossing of the planets two moons, those who are ready are allowed to return to the ground in peaceful, eternal sleep. However, a band of outcast Terrians are prevented from the larger group to participate in the ritual. Meanwhile, a young woman named Mary, who lives with the Terrians, is befriended by Alonzo and brought to the camp, where it is learned that the outcasts had killed her parents many years earlier and she was adopted by the Terrians. Under a mysterious spell, Ulysses intercedes on behalf of the outcasts and persuades the Terrians to let them participate in the Moon Cross ritual so they can have eternal rest. Once this is done, the colonists realize that Ulysses has become an emissary between the humans and Terrians.

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