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Earth 2

TV Series

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Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 9 )
Day 51  

(Day 51) Several days away from where they left Julia, the colonists begin to have second thoughts about what they have done. Alonzo goes off to get her and bring her back to camp. Meanwhile, Danzinger takes the all terrain vehicle to scout ahead. Soon after Alonzo and Julia return, Yale is shot in the shoulder with a projectile that worms through his body. Upon removing it, and contacting Reilly (her Council contact), they learn that a bio-engineered human/killing machine was responsible for shooting Yale and that the bullet will explode 1 hour after being fired. As the group try to hunt down the Z.E.D. (as the cyborg is called), it also shoots Danzinger and begins to torture him for information about how much he knows about the Terrians. Eventually, Julia risks her life to save Danzinger and destroy the Z.E.D., winning the colonists' acceptance of letting her rejoin the group. Meanwhile, they also learn that Reilly is in orbit of the planet, trying to find their location so he can kidnap Ulysses, who is the key to controlling the Terrians.

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