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Earth 2

TV Series

Episode Data for
The Enemy Within
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 8 )
Day 49  

(Day 49) Julia's contact again pressures her to continue her experiments on Uly regarding his symbiosis with the Terrians. However, after some initial tests, she instead injects herself with Terrian DNA. (During their communications, it is revealed that Julia's mother was a member of the Earth Council.) The Terrian DNA almost immediately begins to affect Julia, whose behavior becomes more and more irrational. During one of her virtual reality communications with her government contact, she is found out by True, who reports back to her father. At first, no one believes True's story, but when Yale taps into Julia's computer files, the truth is revealed. The next morning, Julia awakens to find herself completely alone. The other colonists have moved on during the night leaving her behind.

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