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Earth 2

TV Series

Episode Data for
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 2 )
Day 3  

(Day 3) Gaal, a man who mysteriously appears in the colonists' camp, identifies himself as an astronaut from an exploratory ship that crashed on the planet many years before. He tells them that he can communicate with the Grendlers, another lifeform native to the planet, who are scavengers. He warns them to be careful of the Terrians. Later, Commander O'Neil, the advance ship's captain, who was apparently killed by a poisonous creature shortly after they arrived on the planet, suddenly shows up at the camp alive and well. Apparently, the poison does not kill, but puts the victim in a deep, but temporary coma. O'Neil finds a cavern containing equipment and supplies that have been disappearing from the camp, along with human remains. He confronts Gaal, who admits that he is one of 20 prisoners exiled to the planet and then kills O'Neil. Gaal tells the colonists that the Terrians killed O'Neil.

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