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Earth 2

TV Series

Episode Data for
First Contact
Orginal airing date: 1994-11-06
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 1 )
Day 1  

Earth has become almost unlivable, and much of the population has moved to space stations orbiting the planet. But the sterile environment of the stations has caused the "Syndrome" a medical condition that affects most of the children, resulting in their deaths by the age of nine. A young billionaire woman named Devon Adaire, whose son Ulysses is afflicted with the Syndrome, has funded the "Eden Project," a plan to resettle 250 families with Syndrome children on an Earth-like planet. The hope is that living in a unpolluted, but open atmosphere, will help her son and the other children. However, Earth's government opposes the Eden Project and plot to sabotage it, even destroying the transport ship if necessary. After 22 years in suspended animation, the advance ship arrives at the planet and the crew begins preparations to land. (A larger vessel with the 250 families will be arriving about 26 months later.) However, something goes wrong and the advance ship plunges to its destruction in the planet's atmosphere. A small group survives in escape pods. On the planet, they encounter strange and apparently dangerous beings, including the Terrians, who can burrow through the ground. After the group's pilot, Alonzo Solace begins to have dreams in which the Terrians attempt to communicate with him, Devon has herself sedated so that she can try to communicate with the Terrians. Eventually, they take Uly (Ulysses) underground and cure him of the Syndrome.

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