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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Gigilo Jarod
Orginal airing date: 1998-02-07
Season Number: 2 Production Number (Airing): 32 ( 32 )
Guest Stars:
Faracy, Staphanie(Joyce)
Greenquist, Brad(Frank)
Jennings, Juanita(Alice Evans)
Merriman, Ryan(young Jarod)
Pickles, Christina(lady who runs the service)
Pratt, Kyla(Tracy Johnson)
Richardson, Salli(Cynthia Sloan)
Wexo, Alex(young Syndney)
Director: Charters, Rodney
Writing: Bensinger, Tyler

Jarod works for a male escort service and works to avenge the death of a little boy and save the building he fell off of from demolition, which would have left its residents homeless. Subplot: Jarod, instead of performing his escort "service" for a housewife gets her back together with her husband.

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