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Episode Data for
Reflections in the Water
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 23 ( 23 )

A freighter is sunk in the North Atlantic by what is reported as "flying fish". Straker sends Skydiver to investigate, and they discover a UFO and a giant underwater dome. Straker and Foster put on scuba gear and investigate the outside of the dome, and through a small opening see SHADO Lt. Anderson inside. Returning to SHADO HQ, they find Lt. Anderson and interrogate him. Anderson denies any knowledge of an underwater dome, even under the influence of a truth serum. Straker and Foster return to the dome, and inside discover a maze of hallways and finally a room which contains an exact duplication of SHADO HQ and its personel. Straker realizes it's an Alien plan to override normal HQ communications and let through a massive UFO attack -- but does he have enough time to stop it?

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