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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Back From the Dead Again
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 2 Production Number (Airing): 23 ( 23 )
Guest Stars:
Barrera, David(Fernando Ramos)
Brown, Orlando(Bruno)
Denton, Jamie(Mr. Lyle)
Gidley, Pamela(Brigitte)
Gries, John(Broots)
Marcus, Richard(Mr. Raines)
Merriman, Ryan(young Jarod)
Ross, Rico(LeRon)
Smiley, Tava(Chloe)
Sotarius, James(Dr. Christopher Fein)
Whipple, Sam(Sheldon Fein)
Zorn, Danny(Joel Fein)
Director: Whitmore, Jr., James
Writing: Mitchell, Steven L.
Van Sickle, Craig W.

Although a day off, this Halloween episode has Jarod pretending to be a med school teacher to investigate the disappearance of a student the previous Halloween which is linked to a professor testing a wonder drug. Subplot: Miss Parker searches for her father, and investigates his mysterious replacement, Mr. Lyle

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