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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Unhappy Landings
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 18 ( 18 )
Guest Stars:
Gregg, Brad(Eugene Diggs)
Gries, John(Broots)
Harney, Michael(Bob Garrison)
Marcus, Richard(Mr. Raines)
Merrimam, Ryan(young Jarod)
Pickett, Cindy(Dr. Shafton)
Ryan, Marisa(Hellen)
Sweeney, Pepper()
Travolta, Ellen(Dara's mother)
Walley, Moira(Karen Michaels)
Wexo, Alex(young Sydney)
Williams, Johnny()
Director: Whitmore, Jr, James

Jarod pretends to be a U.S. Marshall who tries to secure the safety of a witness in a drug cartel case. Subplot: Miss Parker enlists the help of Broots to track down the children her mother helped (who all died mysteriously in the previous six months) while Sydney consults his psychiatrist.

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