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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Under the Reds
Orginal airing date: 1997-03-22
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 16 ( 16 )
Guest Stars:
Fielding, Dorothy()
Kell, Joseph(Gary Rennert)
Locatell, Carol()
Chapman, Lanei(Julie Thorton)
Cooney, Kevin()
Gries, John(Broots)
Marcus, Richard(Mr. Raines)
Merriman, Ryan(yound Jarod)
Meyers, Andre()
Mitchell, Katie(Dr. Sarah Corning)
Nagron, Taylor(the tax official)
Wexo, Alex(young Sydney)
Director: Siebert, Charles
Writing: Kemper, David

Jarod, who pretends to be an EMT, suspects a fellow EMT was responsible of the coma of a graduate student who was in an accident during a wrestling match, and the parents must decide about life support. Subplot: Miss Parker and Broots investigate what Sydney has been doing and where he has been doing it and Miss Parker discovers a rest home where Sydney's twin brother Jacob is, who was also comatose since an accident many years previously

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