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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Prison Story
Orginal airing date: 1997-02-01
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 12 ( 12 )
Guest Stars:
Bell, Marshall(Warden Michaels)
Cross, Rebecca(Jessica Will)
McMurray, Sam(Morris Clancy)
Merriman, Ryan(young Jarod)
Norris, Dean()
Peters, Brock(Henry Cockran)
Proval, David(Carl Will)
Wexo, Alex(young Sydney)
Director: Costo, Oscar
Writing: Mitchell, Steven L.
Van Sickle, Craig W.

Jarod pretends to be a prison guard to help a death row inmate before his execution whom Jarod believes is innocent. Subplot: Sydney and the gang go to a hotel where they believed Jarod to have been and Miss Parker discovers that she has an ulcer -- a bad one. Jarod's Revenge: Jarod locks a prison guard who was responsible for framing Carl Will into the gas chamber, gets the guard to admit his wrongdoing, which was being broadcast to everybody via intercom throughout the prison, and even outside it. Then Jarod drops the fake syanide pellets, but makes the guard believe that he's really being executed.

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