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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Potato Head Blues
Orginal airing date: 1997-01-18
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 11 ( 11 )
Guest Stars:
Gries, John(Broots)
Lucking, William(Chomsk)
Persky, Lisa J.(Lamont)
Roebuck, Daniel(Daniel Grayson)
Tighe, Jennifer(Rachel Newton)
Director: O'Hara, Terrence
Writing: Grillo-Marxauch, Javier

Jarod pretends to be a member of the bomb squad in Detroit to catch a serial bomber who was responsible for almost killing, but successfully blinding a photographer; Jarod obtains an aged picture of his mother with the help of a graphics artist at the office. Subplot: Angelo continues to look for Jarod using the internet, and Mr. Raines also uses him to help find a leak at the Centre using him as a lie detector, and the search wrongrully focuses on Broots.

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