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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
The Better Part of Valor
Orginal airing date: 1997-01-11
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 10 ( 10 )
Guest Stars:
Pennell, Jon(Roy)
Glasser, Sabel(Lt. Nancy Gleason)
O'Niell, Michael(Captain Harrigan)
Stark, Anthony(Michael Patrick)
Director: Williams., Anson
Writing: Grillo-Marxuach, Javier

We first see Angelo, walking down the centre of a double aisle of newspapers. He instantly scans each page as he passes, and then people turn it for him. Sydney tells us he's on loan from Mr. Raines. Miss Parker calls him "Cousin It" Sydney explains that Angelo is not a savant, but a sponge, who absorbs other people's personalities. His reason for being involved in the project is to try and absorb as much of Jarod's personality as possible. Sydney insists that Angelo could never make a moral judgement on his own, and would never run away. Miss Parker asks where she's heard that before. An old lover resurfaces in Miss Parker's life, named Micheal Patrick. His story is that he works for a pharmaceutical company. Micheal tells Miss Parker she has a look that's "Half invitation, half intimidation" Predictably, they are shown after sex at Miss Parker's place. The next morning, Miss Parker is a new person, brining coffee and expressing actual concern over Broots' work habits. Nice girls act drops when Sydney expresses concern that she doen't have enough healthy relationships in her life. That night, they have sex again, but when a phone call comes from Broots calls saying that they have a lead on Jarod's last lair, she dumps Micheal and heads back to work - after repeating the name of the place aloud on the phone. When they get to the smoke house where Jarod had been, they learn that someone had already been around looking for Jarod. Micheal Patrick catches up with Jarod, obviously another Centre operative, or some such thing. Jarod, with the help of the fire station's dalmation, incapacitates him. Miss Parker and Sydney arrive shortly thereafter to find Patrick. Under pressure from Miss Parker, he admits that Raines commissioned him to find Jarod. Sydney warns Miss Parker of "repercussions" if she kills Patrick. She settles for stomping on his groin.

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