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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Not Even a Mouse
Orginal airing date: 1996-12-14
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 8 ( 8 )
Guest Stars:
Bohne, Bruce(Homeless Harry)
Gelman, Kimiko(Dr. Kim Fugimora)
Meldrum, Wendel(Dr. Lizabeth Drake)
Plana, Tony(Detective Guerra)
Director: Wright, Thomas J.
Writing: Coto, Juan C.

The creators of the Pretender, and Andrea Parker have said publicly that this is their favourite episode Jarod experiences his first Christmas as a free man - as a coroner Jarod tries his first fruit cake - and likes it We find out that Sydney goes away every Christmas to Mount Pleasant Jarod was shielded from the holiday season growing up As a child, Jarod snuck out onto the Centre roof in order to experience real snow Sydney gave Jarod a Christmas ggift once - the Empire Estate Bulding in a snow-ball. He told Jarod not to tell anyone. We find out that at Mount Pleasant is Sydney's comotose twin brother, Jacob We see Miss Parker decorating a Christmas tree in a touching scene. A focus on one large ornament shows To Mummy love MP Jarod flashes back to a scene in which Miss Parker sneaks away into a room where they are doing experiments on twin bunnies. She reveals to Jarod that she wants one, but her father won't let her have one. Mr. Parker calls Miss Parker and invites her to a Christmas Eve party, and tells her not to be late because there will be important people there. In a later scene, we see her all dressed up, smiling, drinking a glass of wine - and then her father calls and cancels. She opens a gift from Jarod - it is a pure white rabbit. Miss Parker is very touched - almost seems to cry as she cuddles the bunny.

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