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The Pretender

TV Series

Episode Data for
Every Picture Tells a Story
Orginal airing date: 1996-09-28
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 2 ( 2 )
Guest Stars:
Merriman, Ryan(young Jarod)
Wexo, Alex(young Sydney)
Director: Zinberg, Michael .
Writing: Mitchell, Steve L.
Van Sickle, Craig W.

Sydney is shown dealing with apparently gifted twin girls Miss Parker reveals through conversation that she thinks of her mother as weak Jarod comments about Sydney making the rounds on Corridor 15 Jarod asks Sydney if "Jarod" is his real name. Sydney responds that he believes it is Jarod bugs Miss Parker about how the Center distorts the truth Jarod learns to swim in Washington, where one of his Pretends averted a nuclear disaster We are introduced to Broots, who claims tracking Jarod is a real treat Jarod made a call to Sydney, and rerouted around the globe, charging all long distance calls to Miss Parker's calling card It is revealed that Catherine died in 1970 Jarod gives Miss Parker a DSA which contains her mother's screams, then a man's voice, then gun shots, then a young girl screaming "Mommy - No", and a young Miss Parker can be seen being dragged away by two sweepers.

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