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Earth 2

TV Series

Episode Data for
All About Eve
Orginal airing date:
Season Number: 1 Production Number (Airing): 0 ( 20 )

(Day ?) While engaging in a virtual reality program, a strange man appears to Morgan and directs him to take the colonists to a certain nearby location. Morgan program's the colonist's vehicle to stop at the desired location and, when they arrive, they find the wreckage of a 50-year old Earth sleeper ship. Inside, Morgan activates the mechanism to awaken the still-alive occupants of the craft, but only two survive -- a man and a woman who were scientists working for the Earth government. The survivors are able to diagnose an ailment that is killing the colonists as the result of the malfunction of neural implants that the Earth government placed in the colonists without their knowledge. The scientists also disclose that a powerful Earth government computer, named "Eve," is in orbit around the planet and has been monitoring the colonists' activities through the implants. With the aid of the two scientists, the colonists determine that by establishing an interface between "Eve" and Yale, the cyborg who is a member of their group, they can correct errors in "Eve's" program. Before the scientists die from the effects of their long cryogenic sleep, they warn the colonists that they will all die because the planet will reject them. Later, after the other colonists have regained their health Devon callapses from an unknown ailment that is related to the planet's rejection of the humans. The colonists place her in a cryogenic chamber in the wrecked craft, with the hope that Uly's symbiosis with the Terrians will someday provide a cure for Devon.

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