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History     History describes how Red Dwarf came about. Who its creators are, what they are like, and other interesting un-known facts about the show.
Character Biographies     The Character Biographies page is where you'll find descriptions of each major character of the show. You'll find character information as well as it's real-life actor/actress counterpart.
(series 1-8)
   You will find all the scripts for every episode aired so far here. You can view them all in your browser, or you can download all of them for offline viewing.
Space Corp Directives     The Space Corp Directives are all the directives every quoted on (or off) Red Dwarf. Although misquoted by Rimmer, they are in their correct form here (Thanks to Kryten). These are worth the time to read.
Plot Inconsistencies & Production Errors     Plot Inconsistencies & Production Errors are very good reading. Plot Inconsistencies explain the things that just don't match up between episodes. Such as how Lister can be his own father, or how Lister can have his appendix removed twice. Production Errors point out some of the errors that the crew for the television show made. Such as misplaced props or boom mikes in the scene.