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A government agency's secret experiments have gone wrong, producing an entirely new breed of humans - New Mutants. While the agency, known as the Genetics Security Agency, desperately attempts to destroy these unwilling victims of their covert experiments, it is up to a mysterious man known only as 'Adam' to save them. To do this, he recruits a group of four, forming the group known as Mutant X.
Mutant X's mission - to save and protect those New Mutants-- before the GSA destroys them.
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Regular Cast
Adam: John Shea
Shalimar Fox- Victoria Pratt
Brennan Mulwray- Victor Webster
Emma deLauro- Lauren Lee Smith
Jesse Kilmartin- Forbes March
Mason Eckhart- Tom McCamus

Character Biographies
Adam, whose last name is shrouded in mystery, is arguably the smartest man alive - the strategist, tactician and moral center of Mutant_X. It was his genetic research that inadvertently created New Mutants - and he takes as his responsibility the salvation of these innocent victims of society. Adam has the serenity of a warrior poet - the perfect leader for Mutant_X.
as played by John Shea
John Shea: John Shea was born in Massachusetts, and received his BA from Bates College where he attended on a Debating and Football scholarship. He then earned an MFA in Directing from the Yale School of Drama and was a special student at the Yale Film School. Since then, John has garnered a wealth of acting and directing experience. He earned an Emmy Award for his work in the television movie Baby M, and is well known for his role as the evil Lex Luthor in the international hit series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Other film credits include The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Catalina Trust, Missing and Nowhere To Go. John has also appeared in the television movie, A Will Of Their Own, HBO's The Impossible Sky, and the mini-series, Kennedy, starring Martin Sheen. On stage he has starred in the Pulitzer Prize-winning hit, How I Learned To Drive, starring Molly Ringwald. John also co-wrote and directed the independent film, Southie, which won the Jury Award for Best Independent film at the 1998 Seattle International Film Festival.
Shalimar Fox is in her mid 20s, fiery, feral and stunning, a sensual beauty utterly in touch with her primal self. Blessed with both human and animal DNA, Shalimar has the strength, speed, and cunning of the animal kingdomŠwith a tempestuous nature to match. She is uncannily fast, inhumanly agile and sensually feline. Walking the line between human and feral, Shalimar is a little wild and completely unpredictable.
Shalimar Fox
as played by Victoria Pratt
Victoria Pratt: Victoria Pratt was born in Chelsey, Ontario, Canada in 1970. She graduated summa cum laude from York University in Toronto, earning her degree in kinesiology. Victoria began her career not as an actor, but as a fitness expert. She has written books on fitness and bodybuilding, and graced the covers of numerous fitness magazines. She soon left the fitness business to pursue an acting career and broke into television as the on-air trainer on Go For It, the Discovery Channel series about caving, rafting and other non-traditional sports. Victoria is best known for her role "Sarge" in Cleopatra 2525, and the recurring role of "Cyane" in Xena: Warrior Princess. Other credits include the HBO movie Blacktop, and John Woo's Once a Thief.

Brennan Mulwray is a tough, yet vulnerable, street-smart wiseguy in his late 20s-with the astonishing ability to generate enough electricity from his own body to power a small city. A fast talking cavalier with an ingratiating grin, Brennan is a master of electricity - who throws bolts of energy from his fingertips. Brennan loves being a New Mutant - throwing off sparks is an absolute blast.
Brennan Mulwray
as played by Victor Webster
Victor Webster: Victor Webster was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He began his acting career by studying theater from elementary school all the way through college. Victor has had an extensive career in modeling, including such ad campaigns as Dolce Gabbana, Coca-Cola, Secret, Scope, Vidal Sassoon, and Levi's. He has appeared in such television shows as NBC's Sunset Beach, and as Nicholas Alamain on Days of Our Lives. He can also been seen in the USA television movie, The Chippendale Murders, and starring in the AMC series The Lot. Victor has earned his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and has an undefeated record as an amateur kickboxer. He also works with a variety of charities involving children, animal rights and abused women.
Jesse Kilmartin is a sweetly naive and good-natured guy in his early 20s who can alter the density of his body at will - going from rock solid as a stone wall one moment-then walking through a stone wall the next. Jesse led a sheltered childhood, and still has a lot to learn about the harsh realities of the world, but he's more than proved himself an invaluable member of Mutant_X.
Jesse Kilmartin
as played by Forbes March
Forbes March: Forbes March was born in Bristol, England in 1973, but was brought up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the son of a professor of philosophy and an elementary school teacher. After high school, he moved to Vancouver where he was approached by an agent while selling watches door -to-door. He landed his first commercial, and began his acting training. He later added modeling to his resume, appearing in ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Marlboro Clothing. He then moved to New York, attending the prestigious Lee Strasberg Acting Institute on a full scholarship. Forbes signed with the Innovative Artists agency in New York, and landed the role of Scott Chandler in All My Children. Other credits include independent films, Off Broadway and Campfire Stories. Forbes currently lives in Hoboken, NJ with his fiancÈ, his daughter Marina, two dogs and one canary.
Emma deLauro is a mischievous knockout in her early 20's - a telempath who can communicate her own feelings - and receive the feelings of others around her. Emma can't read thoughts, but she can sense in great detail an emotional state of mind - and learn an awful lot about another person from it. When these gifts combine with her party girl personality, fun and trouble are a double guarantee.
Emma deLauro
as played by Lauren Lee Smith
Lauren Lee Smith: Lauren Lee Smith was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1980. The stepdaughter of a documentary filmmaker, she traveled the world with her family and has lived in Europe, Central America, The U.S. and Canada. At 14, her stepfather moved the family to Los Angeles, California.. There she was approached by a fashion scout and quickly began a professional modeling career. At 19, she signed with an agent, and shortly thereafter was cast in a featured role in Get Carter starring Sylvester Stallone. Since then she has appeared in such television shows as MTV's boy band parody 2Gether, and James Cameron's Dark Angel for FOX. In 2000, she played the title role in Christy, a three part mini-series for the PAX TV Network. Her theatre credits include Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Cymbeline.
Mason Eckhart is the head of the Genetic Security Agency - a man who hunts down New Mutants for his conscience and his country. Eckhart blames Adam for the failed experiment that requires him to be forever insulated in an impermeable artificial skin. His distaste for New Mutants grows everyday that Mutant_X exists. He won't rest until all these anomalies are under his control.
Mason Eckhart
as played by Tom McCamus
Tom McCamus: Tom McCamus was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Raised in London, Tom caught the acting bug at an early age, and brings with him an impressive list of credits and honors. In 1993, Tom won the prestigious Canadian Genie Award for Best Performance in a Leading Role for his work in I Love A Man In Uniform. He has also been twice nominated for the Genie, for his leading role in Long Day's Journey Into Night, and his supporting role in The Sweet Hereafter. Other film credits include Guilty As Sin and Beautiful Dreamers. Television credits include F/X, Due South, Wind At My Back, Tekwars, Street Legal, Side Effects, and Emily Of New Moon. Tom is also a seasoned stage actor, and is a long-standing member of the acting ensembles of the Shaw Festival and the Stratford Festival.
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