Earth 2

Series Premise

By the late 23rd Century, most humans have left the polluted, almost unhabitable Earth to live in huge space stations. However, over time, new generations have begun to develop the Syndrome, a disease that leaves its young victims weak and bedridden. Among them is Ulysses, the son of Devon Adair, an extremely wealthy and influential young woman. She believes that a natural environment will help to cure her son and other children afflicted with the Syndrome, and she organizes the Eden Project -- to colonize G-889, an unexplored Earth-like planet about 22 light years away. Upon arrival at G-889 in a sleeper ship, something goes wrong and the advance team crash lands on the opposite side of the planet from where their supplies have been delivered. Among the survivors who must trek across this mysterious planet are Devon and her son Ulysses; Ulysses's tutor, a cyborg named Yale; engineer John Danziger and his almost-teenage daughter True; pilot Alonzo Solace; doctor Julia Heller; and Earth government representative Morgan Martin and his wife Bess.

Although G-889 outwardly appears very Earth-like, it is inhabited by many strange indigenous life forms. Principle among them are the Terrians, a tribal community of intelligent beings who live underground and possess some form of telepathic powers, and the Grendlers, more animal-like nomadic traders and scavengers. The stranded colonists soon learn that they are not the first humans on G-889, as they encounter convicted criminals marooned on the planet by the Earth government and secret government agents sent to monitor the colonists' activities. Although they have some technological devices saved after their crash, the colonists are basically on their own, having to survive off this strange land.

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Season number: 1

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