Buck Rogers

Series Summary


Series Premise

In 1987 NASA launches a manned probe on a 5-month trip around the solar system. The probe's pilot is Captain William "Buck" Rogers. Something goes wrong, however, and Rogers finds himself being propelled into deep space. When the spacecraft returns to the vicinity of Earth, the year is 2491. Rogers awakens from deep sleep to find Earth in the aftermath of a late 20th Century nuclear holocaust, now trying to fight off attacks from the Draconians. Because of his piloting skills, Rogers becomes a valuable member of the Earth Directorate, which is headed by Dr. Elias Huer. Buck also finds himself a part of a fighter squadron headed by Colonel Wilma Deering. Among his other compatriots are Twiki, a likable robot who becomes Buck's pal, and Dr. Theopolis, a mechanical brain who is part of Earth's Computer Council.

Buck Rogers Cast Buster Crabbe (the original Buck Rogers)
with the TV Buck Rogers and
Colonel Wilma Deering

[Photo copyrighted by MCA/Universal Television]

In the show's second season, Buck, Wilma, and Twiki join the crew of a starship named Searcher. The ship, commanded by Admiral Asimov, is on a mission to locate the lost tribes of Earth, humans who fled their homeworld after the nuclear holocaust. Aboard the Searcher are also scientist Dr. Goodfellow and Crichton, a snobbish robot built by Dr. Goodfellow and Twiki. The humans are later joined by Hawk, a bird-man whose people were hunted almost to extinction by a band of murderous humans.

The Main Cast

  • Captain William "Buck" Rogers -- Gil Gerard
  • Colonel Wilma Deering -- Erin Gray
  • Dr. Elias Huer -- Tim O'Connor
  • Twiki -- Felix Silla
  • Hawk -- Thom Christopher
  • Admiral Asimov -- Jay Garner
  • Dr. Goodfellow -- Wilfred Hyde-White
  • Voice of Twiki -- Mel Blanc
  • Voice of Dr. Theopolis -- Eric Server
  • Voice of Crichton -- Jeff David

The Episodes

Season One

Awakening (2-Hour Premiere)                     09/20/79
Planet of the Slave Girls (2-Hour Special)      09/27/79
Vegas in Space                                  10/04/79
Plot to Kill a City (Part 1)                    10/11/79
Plot to Kill a City (Part 2)                    10/18/79
Return of the Fighting 69th                     10/25/79
Unchained Woman                                 11/01/79
Planet of the Amazon Women                      11/08/79
Cosmic Wiz Kid                                  11/22/79
Escape from Wedded Bliss                        11/29/79
Cruise Ship to the Stars                        12/27/79
Space Vampire                                   01/31/80
Happy Birthday, Buck                            01/10/80
A Blast for Buck                                01/17/80
Ardala Returns                                  01/24/80
Twiki Is Missing                                01/31/80
Olympiad                                        02/07/80
A Dream of Jennifer                             02/14/80
Space Rockers                                   02/21/80
Buck's Duel to the Death                        03/20/80
Flight of the War Witch (Part 1)                03/27/80
Flight of the War Witch (Part 2)                04/03/80

Season Two

Time of the Hawk (2-Hour Special)               01/15/81
Journey to Oasis (2-Hour Special)               01/22/81
The Guardians                                   01/29/81
Mark of the Saurian                             02/05/81
The Golden Man                                  02/19/81
The Crystals                                    03/05/81
The Satyr                                       03/12/81
Shgorapchx                                      03/19/81
The Hand of Goral                               03/26/81
Testimony of a Traitor                          04/09/81
The Dorian Secret                               04/16/81


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