Babylon 5 Novels

Babylon 5 Novels


Dell's Original Novels


Dell Books - PB: 03/95
John Vornholt

When a bomb blast rips through a PsiCorps convention being held on Babylon 5, Talia Winters is PsiCop Bester's prime suspect, but Garibaldi and Ivanova fight to clear her of the charges.


Dell Books - PB: 05/95
Lois Tilton

A man from Ivanova's past is found dead on Babylon 5, and she is hunted down by Earth Alliance investigators for the murder, but Garibaldi again comes to the rescue of the wrongly accused suspect.

Blood Oath

Dell Books - PB: 10/95
John Vornholt

When G'Kar becomes the target of a Narn blood oath, Garibaldi, Ivanova, and Na'Toth travel to the Narn homeworld to help their friend.

Clark's Law

Dell Books - PB: 02/96
Jim Mortimore

When an accident wipes the mind of an alien mass murderer, Captain Sheridan finds himself disagreeing with Earth President Clark's order that the alien be executed for the crimes of his past persona.

The Touch of Your Shadow, the Whisper of Your Name

Dell Books - PB: 04/96
Neal Barrett, Jr.

As an alien presence draws every closer to Babylon 5, the residents are plagued by terrifying nightmares that sparks increasing incidents of violence on the station.


Dell Books - PB: 06/96
S.M. Stirling

While representatives of the Centauri and Narn come to Babylon 5 for a peace summit, rebels from the planet T'll use violence in their struggle for their homeworld's independence.

The Shadow Within

Dell Books - PB: 04/97
Jeanne Cavelos

Anna Sheridan makes her fateful exploration trip to Z'ha'dum, unwittingly wakening the dreaded Shadows from their thousand years sleep.

Personal Agendas

Dell Books - PB: 05/97
Al Sarantonio

A plan by Narn supporters of Ambassador G'Kar mount an effort to rescue him from the Centauri; unawares of the agreement that G'Kar has made with Londo Mollari to help in the assassination of Emperor Carthagia.

To Dream in the City of Sorrows

Dell Books - PB: 07/97
Kathryn M. Drennan

Former Babylon 5 commander Jeffrey Sinclair finds himself on the Minbari homeworld and in charge of the secret Rangers, and a young human named Marcus Cole is one of Sinclair's most promising recruits.


Ballantine/Del Rey's Novelizations

In the Beginning

Ballantine/Del Rey Books: PB: 01/98
Peter David

Novelization of: In the Beginning


Ballantine/Del Rey Books: PB: 07/98
Peter David

Novelization of: Thirdspace

Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps

Ballantine/Del Rey Books: PB: 10/98
J. Gregory Keyes

In the year 2115, with public panic growing after the news of the existence of telepaths, an ambitious EarthGov senator oversees the formation of Psi Corps as an elite unit to control the activities of all telepaths.

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